What Kind Of Tea Are You? Personality Quiz

Lada Khramova
What Kind Of Tea Are You? Personality Quiz
Let's take a break to consider the most important question: if you were a tea, which type would you be? Perhaps, a rare Pu-erh or an aristocratic Earl Grey? Answer the questions and find out which type of tea party would have you on the table!

What's your tea-partner?


I'm fine by myself



Where do you want to live?

High in the mountains, where no one would find me

On a tropical island

In dark woods

Doesn't matter, as soon as it's beautiful around

How do you spend an ideal weekend?

Oh, I have lots of plans!

Dunno, depends on my mood

Meeting with friends is a must!

Cinema or museum

What do you appreciate in people?

Ability to support and their empathy

Intelligence, knowledge, manners

Ability to find an approach to others

Bravery and initiative

What do think when standing in line for a long time?

I need a personal assistant!

Thinking of what to say that I could skip the line

Horrible! Too many people!

Well, everyone's waiting... So will I

How can your describe your fashion style?

Everlasting classic

Something bright and remarkable

I have a unique style

As convenient as possible

Imagine that all party entertainments are on you. What do you say?

What do you think about people in general?

I prefer solitude

It's hard to find someone special. But possible

The more the merrier

People are so kind and open-minded!

If you were a tea, where would people pour you?

Thermos: so I will be always hot

Exquisite porcelain cup

I demand the whole tea set!

A cute mug

What's your role in a group of friends?

I'm sitting alone and observing people

What group? I'm a homebody

I'm in the center of attention, entertain the public

I'm having fun with the others

Sassy fruit

It's obvious that you're an ideal fruit tea where tastes are intermixed. You are so bright and energetic, your positive attitude is too much to handle. You're hard to resist! You adore crazy ideas and prefer spontaneous decisions to scheduled programs. With you, tea party is never boring! Which tea fits your friends? Share this test to find out!

A choice of aristocrats

It's obvious that you're an ideal earl grey! You have so much elegance and sophistication that people can't help but admire you. Any tea party turns into a true royal welcoming ceremony due to your exquisite manners and desire to make everything perfect! Which tea fits your friends? Share this test to find out!

Unique blend

It's obvious that you're an extremely rare blend of tea which is hard to deal with! Yes, you've got a temper, but the result is worth it! A proper approach reveals your best sides - interesting talks, nice manners and subtle sense of beauty. Which tea fits your friends? Share this test to find out!

Grandma's infusion

It's obvious that you're an ideal herbal tea able to cure any cold! You're kind and open-minded, people feel fondness and affection for you. Any tea party with you will be cozy due to your constant desire to help and bring happiness. Which tea fits your friends? Share this test to find out!