Quiz - What Type of Witch Are You?

Quiz - What Type of Witch Are You?
We all want a bit of magic in our daily lives. Before you start practicing your magical powers, find out which type of Witch suits you best! We have studied several types of Witches, so you can find out which one fits your personality and skills!

Do you remember the moment when your magical powers appeared?

No, I don't. Seems like they were always in me

Yes. I was gradually learning how to use my gift

Yes. I've got them quite unexpectedly

In your opinion, how should a true witch dress?

A witch should look elegant. Such a gift is a reason to be proud

Oddly enough to draw attention. Everyone should know about my talents

The main rule: never stand out from the others

Where will you live after learning the subtle art of witchcraft?

In the ordinary apartment. I don't want to give up my old life

Somewhere deep in the woods, so no one will distract me from learning magic

In a countryside. It's calm here, and the city is nearby

What magical objects will you need?

None! It's a garbage used by weak people!

A book of spells

A deck of cards and magical herbs. I can't use without drawing attention

Do you need a pet?

I don't need anyone!

A crow would be a perfect pet. It knows a lot

Yes. An ordinary cat is an ideal cover for not raising suspicions

What do you think about constant improvement of your powers?

What do you think about mortals who don't have magic in them?

I'm not interested and n them

They lack self-discipline. However, magicians do too

You admire them!

How do you achieve your goals?

I use all my skills and talents. I spare no effort

I use my magic and get everything I want

I try not to use magic in this case

How are you going to use your magic?

Let me learn it first, and we'll see

I might be doing something good. I don't know yet

I'll use it only in case of emergencies

Who do you think a witch is?

A woman who can do everything she wants with her life

A woman who knows what she wants and never backs off until she gets it

A woman who's responsible for her powers

Born witch

You were born with your magical powers, we have no doubt about it! Born witches are known for their unusual traits: outstanding beauty, piercing eyes and rare eye color. Witches who were born with this gift are considered to be good. They can help a person in need or reverse a spell of another magician. Let's find out if your friends have magic in them! Share this test!

Taught witch

You're a taught witch. It means that you've worked hard and learned plenty of books to get your gift. If you continue improving your skills, you will be able to beat born witches, because your power has no limits. These witches look like ordinary women, but they change with time: hair becomes darker, they get wild look in their eyes. Let's find out if your friends have magic in them! Share this test!

Unwanted witch

You didn't even want to be a witch. You're a prisoner of your powers. Now, you are forced to use it, if you want to stay alive and not to provoke other witches. As a result, you don't use your gift to its full potential and prefer hiding from people. Let's find out if your friends have magic in them! Share this test!