What Should Your Toast Sound Like?

What Should Your Toast Sound Like?
New Year is over, but holidays never end! You may be asked to give a speech at your next event-do you have one ready? Our test will help you find the right toast! 

The best ways to celebrate the New Year are...

Only your favorite expensive restaurant and a visit to a theater

Time at the spa and jumping into snow in male company

Your apartment, a fridge with hard drinks, and a couple of friends

A company of strangers in a train that goes into the unknown

Calmly at home with an old friend

What is your favorite holiday dish?


Grouse, quail or oysters


Timeless classics - a cucumber

Sandwiches with caviar

And what about the drink?

Grandma's tincture

30 years old cognac

Rough Georgian wine

Tear of a Komsomol Girl - alcohol, verbena, nail polish, and so on

Expensive champagne

The culmination of the holiday for you is

When you go to the central square of the city and have fun there

When you don't remember your name

Hearty talks, guitar, and more alcohol

Time to sit quiet and think about your life

Plunge into a warm bath

You were invited to a costume party. What kind of costume will you choose?

Homeless person





After every holiday they can find you

Asleep in the waiting room

I'd like to know myself, where they can find me

In the bed at home

On a cot at my friends' place

In the restaurant. I didn't leave it

With whom of these people would you like to drink?

It doesn't matter

Ivan Bunin  

Ernest Hemingway  

With an old good singer

With a poet

What do you really wish of your family members?

All the best




Loyal friends

What are you dreaming about right now?

I have everything

New opportunities

Open another bottle


Glory and recognition

What's your favorite holiday?

Wedding. Everything is very beautiful

Birthday. It's usually warm-hearted

New Year. After it the holidays last a week

A guy's party. You meet all the bruvs

Any holiday is good

What do you like most of all in your friends?

They all have achieved a lot

They accept everything

They can organize a cool party

I have one friend. But he knows everything about me

They are very faithful and never let you down

You will leave the holiday if ...

Someone starts talking about his childhood.

No one talks and you get bored

Nobody dances

Everyone gets too drunk

Someone starts crying

Toast by Pushkin

"Merry grape God Allows us to drink Three bowls at the evening feast"  Holiday is a good reason for poetic mood. So, feel free to address the great poet's works and take inspiration. And drink wine, too. There is a chance that guests will get a little bored, while you recite 127 Shakespeare's sonnets. But someone has to bring culture into the masses and educate people. The main thing is to go easy, otherwise, everybody falls asleep!

Concise and to the point

"I wish that everyone" As you know, brevity is the soul of wit. You shouldn't distract anyone during the holiday arranging lectures and heated discussions. Moreover, no one will listen to you as they will be busy tasting the Russian salad. In any case, no one gets bored or falls asleep while listening to your toast. Somewhere, for example, in Sparta, you would be definitely appreciated and invited to all feasts.

Caucasian toast

A long Caucasian toast is for you. Something like this:  'And so when the flock of birds headed south to pass there the winter, one small, but proud bird said, 'I will fly straight to the Sun! She flew higher and higher, but very soon she burned her wings and fell to the very bottom of a deep gorge. So, let's drink to this: let none of us however high he flies never separate from our community”. Just go easy, because half of the guests have already forgotten the beginning of the story!

Toast for a bro

"Let you have no problems, your table groan under the amount of food, and your pockets will always be full of money!" Although your sense of beauty is just somewhere in the 1990-s, it doesn't matter to your friends. After all, the main thing is that your gang has been gathered together. Together you have survived so many fights, parties, and other fun things that the only you can wish is an easy life and prosperity. Yes, just an unusual toast!

Why do you need a toast? It is better to drink immediately!

"This wine is so tasty that it's better to drink it without spoiling by words, love, and thoughts" You drink in the style of Hemingway: only cordial drinks, only a male company, only close people. There is nothing unwanted including words. Why do you have to waste your time on tomfool speeches, if there is a cognac box next to you that waits to be opened. And as soon as alcohol packs a punch, they will definitely forget whether you said something or not. At the end of the evening you may shed a manly tear.