Based on Your Breakfast Choices, This Is Your Personality Type

"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are" - this famous quote about friends is also about food. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why it can say so much about you and your character. Everyone has their own favorite way to start the day - let's see what yours says about you!

When you wake up in the morning, what do you feel?

I'm starving!

Gimme 5 minutes…

I need to drink a glass of water and practice yoga

How many things I need to do today!

How much time do you need in the morning to prepare before going out? (in minutes)

Living well...

You should be able

I have no time

isn't against the law

doesn’t' work out for me

Tomorrow is Monday! What's your reaction?

Choose your favorite food

Do you like having a snack during the day?

Only nuts and dried fruits

Yep, potato chips come to help

Coke or coffee. I need caffeine!

Don't know, it depends. I may make a sandwich

You need to have breakfast...

As luck would have it

Finish while a match is burning


Period. You just need it

Do you know how to cook?

Yes, but I don't have time for it

No, completely

Something simple

Certainly! Who else can boil asparagus like me?

What drink does fit to your breakfast?



Green tea with jasmine, thyme, and mint

Just tea

How many meals do you have per day?

One, if I'm lucky

Five as befits

As luck would have it, I don't know

I always eat

What sport do you like most?

Business running about

Yoga and pilates

What is sport?

Football. I watch it

Are you often late?

Yes, but I don't care

Yes, that's terrible!

No, I try to be on time


Style, fashion, youth

Your breakfasts are smoothies, acai bowls and organic vegan yogurts with chia seeds. And while having a meal you probably watch videos about the life of successful businessmen and read time management and self-development books. That's great, but not a single living body could stand this degree of intensity. All this is a tribute to fashion, and you try to keep up with it. Passion for novelties is in your blood, but you usually don't stick to anything, immediately find yet another subject of interest. Moreover, if possible it should be known and meet the trends at least a little. Tell friends about your result, let's check what breakfast they have!

Enjoying your life

Your typical breakfast is leftovers in the fridge after yesterday's evening - a cold piece of pizza or a salad from the holiday's table. Probably, you turned off your alarm clock three times and still overslept. Productive is not your cup of tea. But if you need to give a party, take a rest and relax - you're unmatched. Heartwarming meetings with friends, fun and long talks - you're great at it! Tell friends about your result, let's check what breakfast they have!

Productivity is above all things

Your breakfast is a big cup of black coffee and, probably, a cigarette. You just have no time for something more, the day is scheduled to the second. How to do this bunch of stuff when you have five meetings, a conference and a pile of other equally important business per day. You hurry all the time, never are on time - you're like a squirrel on a treadmill. And it seems this way of life fits you - certainly, you don't suffer from idleness and boredom. Tell friends about your result, let's check what breakfast they have!

Stability is a sign mastery

You don't like experiment particularly, that's why your breakfast is a sandwich or if you need "exotics" - fried eggs or porridge. Everything is by default, everything is stable. You don't like risks and always prefer a safe and know path. Not bad, but sometimes it is worth deciding on something unusual! Tell friends about your result, let's check what breakfast they have!