What Colors Look Best on Your Skin Tone Quiz

What Colors Look Best on Your Skin Tone Quiz
You've probably noticed that different colours will bring out your beauty or wash you out. If you know your colour palette, you can easily create a look that will emphasize your beauty. Take our quiz and find out your ideal colours!

What color is you skin?

Very fair, porcelain, or, vice versa, dark

Milky, pinkish, veins show through

Warm, with a golden subtone

Fair skin with a creamy or peach shade

What color is your blush?

Pale pink or it’s nearly missing

Cool light pink or there’s no

There’s almost no blush, skin quickly reddens out in the cold

Warm peach or pink, often appears when I’m worrying

How does your skin react to sunburn?

It quickly becomes sunburnt, the sunburn is olive

It quickly becomes sunburnt, the sunburn is grayish olive

Easily burns, the sunburn with a red tint

Well embrowns, the color of sunburn is light golden

What is your natural hair color?

Black, blue-black, liver-coloured, brown with a bluish or silvery shade or very fair (silvery white)

From light fair to dark fair color, there’s a silvery cold or ashy shade

Gold, ginger, dark chestnut brown with an orange shimmer

Light fair, golden yellow, straw

What color is your eyebrows and eyelashes?

Black or dark

Fair, greyish

Dark and middle tones of light golden and chestnut colors

Fais and warm shades

What color is your lips?

Cold colors with an olive shade

Soft pink

Warm colors (from deep pink to red)

Beige pink

What color is your eyes?

Dark brown, black, spring green, bright blue, emerald, the whites of the eyes are bright white

Blue grey, green grey, green blue, grey, grey brown

Brown, yellow brown, honey, yellow, green, with ginger speckles

Green, amber, blue, light brown

Do you have freckles?


A little bit of light ashy freckles or don’t have at all

Yes, of dark golden color

Not many, of light gold color

You're Winter

You have a very bright, contrast appearance. Cold colors will suit you: intensive red, emerald, deep blue, white, fuchsia. You should avoid warm and not bright colors - light brown, peach and coral. Celebrities with your color type: Courteney Cox, Kim Kardashian, Meryl Streep.

You're Summer

Your appearance is soft and non-contrast. Cool, reserved shades will perfectly suit you: blue-grey, smoky pink, dark turquoise. Pure, contrast and warm colors - black, white, brick-red, swamp - are not recommended. Celebrities with your color type: Natalia Vodianova, Christen Dunst, Olivia Wilde.

You're Autumn

You have a warm, soft color type. You should choose not very intensive colors - terra-cotta, olive, mustard, copper, khaki, tomato. Very intensive warm or cold colors - lilac, blue, neon, snow white - will make you paler and sickly. Celebrities with your color type: Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez.

You're Spring

Spring color type  -  pure and warm. Color, which perfectly fit you - peach, coral, mint, sand. It's better to avoid all cold shades. Celebrities with your color type: Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Svetlana Khodchenkova.