What is my spirit animal? Find your animal soulmate!

What is my spirit animal? Find your animal soulmate!
Every person has their spirit animal. It's a creature that encourages you and helps you in all your endeavors. It's a source of wisdom, support, and energy. Take this quiz to find out what your spirit animal is. Knowing your spirit animal can make your life better and help you find the happiness you deserve. Ready? Let's get started!

Select the word you like best.







For you, the most important thing is...

Ability to watch and analyze

Spend time in a big company

To never lose your temper

To keep your distance

Spend time with your family

Learn and grow

You're a fan of...

Gourmet food






Your favorite time of day is...





Are you an owl or a lark?



Something in-between

You're an...




Which element do you like best?





At the moment, you'd like to be...

In a tropical forest

In the mountains

In a desert

At a seashore

Your favorite color is...



Dark blue




Which sentence do you like best?

A courageous person is the first to apologize

A strong person is the first to apologize

A happy person is the first to forget

A cunning person always thinks of how they could benefit from the situation

A serene person is never the first to act

For you, home is...

A fortress

A place where you can relax

A place where you don't spend much time

A place you invite your friends to

A place where you can concentrate

Are you a superstitious person?

Absolutely yes


I don't know

Rather not

Absolutely not

Superstitions are nonsense!


A person, whose spirit animal (we mean, bird!) is Eagle, is a born hunter that nevers gives up. They have the ability of finding a balance between spiritual and everyday life. Eagle is a free, power bird that can never be tamed. By tapping into the magic of Eagle, you'll see that your life is becoming more intense and exciting. Learn how to comunicate with your spirit bird, and it will become your source of creative power. 


People, whose spirit animal is a Bear, are full of love and compassion. They're always ready to help others in hard times. Bear doesn't like to be alone. At the same time, it doesn't like big companies either. As your spirit animal, Bear can teach you to tap into your inner emotional resources you didn't know you had. Bear will help you navigate  the challenges of life and show you the importance of trusting your gut feeling.  


People, whose spirit animal is a Tiger, are creators and destroyers at the same time. They are characterized by strength, power, anger, and courage. To achieve your goals, stay concentrated and patient. Turn your home into a sacred place, where people can only get by invitation. Be ready for new adventures and discoveries. Although life can be challenging sometimes, luck will be on your side! 


Wolf people are very good at expressing themselves through gestures and facial expressions. They might not be fans of dancing, but they move beautifully and gracefully. Plus, they are very strong and healthy. Among Wolf people, there are many talented singers with great voices. If your spirit animal is a Wolf, you're probably focused on exploring your spiritual world. To use the energy of your spirit animal, you can get yourself a pendant or a ring with a wolf on it. It will bring you luck in sports and hunting. 


Dog is a very powerful animal that stands for loyalty, devotion, and friendship. If your spirit animal is a Dog, you're always willing to help, protect your territory, and sacrifice your comfort for the sake of others. Since ancient times, dogs have protected our houses, guided the blind, and played with kids. If your life lacks harmony and serenity, be sure to ask your spirit animal for help! 


If your spirit animal is a Horse, you're an active and energetic person. You always achieve your goals and get what you want. Nothing can stop you on your way to making your dreams a reality. Competitive and passionate, Horse people often dedicate their lives to sports.They are responsible, committed, and disciplined. Horse people work hard and deliver great results. These amazing qualities make a Horse person stand out at work. It's not surprising they get promoted really fast!  Don't hesitate to ask your spirit animal to help you in business or in personal life!