Can We Guess When You'll Get Married?

Can We Guess When You'll Get Married?
Are you dreaming about a luxurious wedding and loads of amazing gifts? Do you stand in front of bridal shop windows for hours admiring beautiful white dresses? Are you leafing through wedding magazines in search of a perfect dress? We bet you've planned your future celebration in detail, including invitations, flowers, and catering. If you can't wait for your own wedding, this test is just what you need! Take this test and find out when you'll get married!   

Who would you ask to be your bridesmaid?

Kate Middleton

Selena Gomez

Angela Merkel


What are you looking forward to most?

Huge diamond ring



Meeting all my friends and relatives

Which cinema wedding do you like most?

"Kiss Them All!"

"Mamma Mia"


"Sex and the City"

We bet you've already thought about kids. Who would you ask to be the godmother of your child?

Kim Kardashian

Angelina Jolie

Keira Knightley

Ariana Grande

How would you like to spend your honeymoon?

In my home town

Looking for adventures

In Paris

At the ocean

Do you discuss your future wedding with your friends?

No, but I like to listen to other girls' wedding plans

No. When my friends start talking about weddings, I leave.

Of course! I always bring that up!

Yes, all of us are dreaming about Prince Charming!

Do you have many friends?

Yes, I have lots of friends

Yes, but mostly men

I have one best friend

I have a few close friends

Do you like to do things with your own hands (cooking, knitting, etc.)?

Yes, but I rarely end up making something beautiful

No, I don't have time for this

I know how to cook, knit, etc. but I don't like doing it

No, but I'd like to learn some day

What would your friensds say if you decided to cook a dinner for them?

They'd book a table at a restaurant instead

They'd make a joke about scrambled eggs, which are my speciality

They'd buy a bottle of good wine for the occassion

They'd be beyond happy!

Where would you like to celebrate your wedding?

In the countryside

In a splendid castle

At McDonalds

In some unusual way

Where would you like to live?

In a cozy apartment in downtown

In a busy city

In a house in the suburbs

High in the mountains

What is your idea of a perfect wedding?

Bridal shower, lots of presents, and crazy party

Simplicity and mutual understanding

Romantic resort

I don't know yet

Do you like animals?

Only acquarium fish

I'd like to have a cat but a calm one

I adore animals. They're so sweet.

I want to have a dog!


It seems like married life is not your thing. You're strong and independent, like Samantha from "Sex and the City." You like men but you don't need to marry to enjoy their company. The idea of homey nights, family dinners, and noisy children scares you. You're not ready to give up your independent life and become a loving wife and mother. You value your freedom above everything else. You love spending time with your unmarried friends, having cocktails at bars, shopping for hours, and going to bed as late as you want. Plus, you have a successful career, yoga lessons, self-development workshops, and so on!  You're too busy enjoying your life to think about wedding, married life, and things like that. Good for you, sister!

30-40 years

You need to wait a little You're not impatient about starting a serious relationship with a man. You want to live for yourself and gain some experience. You want to have a  career and save up some money to be financially independent. In times like ours, you never know what might happen! However, when the time is right, you'll be happy to become a loving wife and caring mother. You'll have the most beautiful wedding, with plenty of presents, smiles, and joy! Your wedding will be the happiest moment of your life because you deserve it 100%. Share this test with your girlfriends and see when they will start a family!  

18-20 years

It's high time! Wow! Your wedding is just around the corner! Very soon, you'll be the most beautiful bride in the world! You have a boyfriend with whom you've together through thick and thin. You love and respect each other. So what are you waiting for? You two should get married! Be sure to call a wedding planner and start organizing the wonderful event right now! Invite your family, friends, and colleagues. Choose a bridesmaid. Write invitations. You have so many things to do! Planning a wedding is an unforgettable experience, and we're even a bit jealous of you. Anyway, we wish you every happiness!

25 years

There is a time for everything You live by the principle "There is a time for everything." You have a life plan which you're trying to stick to. School, university, career, marriage... You want to gain more experience with men and get to know yourself better. At the same time, you're looking forward to married life. Don't wait too long, otherwise you risk ending up alone. We're  sure you'll meet your Prince Charming very soon! Once you get to know the right man, you'll want to marry him instantly. Share this test with you girlfriends and discuss your results with them!