Which Daughter Darkness Character Are You?

Alyssa Charpentier
Which Daughter Darkness Character Are You?

Which of the key characters in Alyssa Charpentier's The Myrk Maiden: Daughter Darkness are you? Are you the temperamental Myrk Maiden herself? Her poetic close friend, or her goofy first friend? Do you have unwavering ambition and devotion to your goals like the leader of the Shadow race? 

Discover your character alignment today in this novel-inspired quiz created by the true fan!

You would describe yourself most as:







You enjoy philosophical discussions and big-question topics:

Not very often; the abstract has its place, but I prefer practical, down-to-earth conversations any day

Hardly ever; those discussions usually invite drama, sadness, and other unpleasant emotions that don't need dwelling on - the world is dark enough without talking about it!

Sometimes, when the discussions align with my current circumstance or relate to a personal problem that affects my life and character

Always; I live for these conversations and their wisdom, and I find them deeply enjoyable

What do you like most in a friend?

Shared values/beliefs





Extroversion/Someone opposite of me

You have a sophisticated taste and enjoy the finer things in life?

Are you ambitious?

Sometimes, depending on my mood

Always: I am fiercely dedicated to realizing my dreams

Yes, because there is too much wrong in the world; by my ambition, I will make things more orderly and logical

Not really; I'm along for the ride in life

I'm ambitious about having a good time! (And having my finances in order; money is nice)

Always, because I have a lot of work to do to earn my reward in the next life

How important is money to you?

Important; life shouldn't revolve around money, but it is very necessary to organize and take care of

Not very; I need it for survival and a few creature comforts at best

Not very important at all; as long as I have my soul and/or my principles, life is golden

Which of these things do you most identify as?

The Dreamer

The Tortured Artist

The Life of the Party

The Funny Guy/Girl

The Chosen One

The Executive

Are you religious?

Yes, Christian/Muslim or one of the other major world religions


I am spiritual, but do not subscribe to any particular religion

My religion is to have a good time in this life!

Alyssa, that's none of your business :)

How passionate are you about fulfilling your purpose in life?

I believe my purpose is to live, laugh, and have fun with as many friends as possible!

I am committed to encouraging and inspiring a group of close friends

Deeply passionate; I am nothing without my purpose and beliefs

Reasonably passionate; I don't consider myself particularly special, nor do I have grandiose aspirations in life, but I get things done

Are you a thinker or a doer?

Doer; I live in the moment, for the moment, and have a great time!

Doer/Slight Thinker; I like to come up with clever jokes and stories, but I'm most comfortable living outside my mind, with other people

Thinker; I spend so much time thinking that I seldom get things done!

Mostly Thinker/Partly Doer; I'm pretty brainy, but I'm committed to accomplishing my goals

Friends would describe you as:

Highly intelligent and motivated

Dedicated to your cause/purpose

Hilarious and inspiring

Fun and sociable

Philosophical and mysterious

Creative and forthright

You consider your core flaw to be your:




Lack of seriousness



Which compliment would you rather hear?

"You're so dedicated to your cause and it's really paying off!"

"You're very smart and practical, keeping everything in order!"

"You're very gifted creatively, and your artistry has impacted my life!"

"You're a deep thinker and very wise, making the world a more enlightened place!"

You're hilarious and inspiring, so uplifting to hang out with!"

"You're beautiful, sophisticated, and so much fun to be with; you keep parties alive!"

Above all, you would like to give the world more:

Laughter and encouragement

Fun and freedom from woes

Structure and logic

Purposefulness and passion for living

Enlightenment and life-saving philosophies

Creativity and beauty

You cannot stand these types of people:

Foolish ones who do not abide by the rules or follow common logic

Cruel ones who are unjust and uncaring

Controlling ones who try to stifle you and thwart your individuality

Ignorant ones who force their ideologies on you and refuse to hear reason

Unfunny ones who take a dry and methodical approach to life; bonus points if they hate YOU for having a good time

Serious people; come on, lighten up, pop a few drinks!

How much do you value your possessions?

Eh, who needs stuff when you're gonna die?

I enjoy my stuff, reasonably, but my art is most important

My favorite possessions are my pen and paper; beyond those, I hardly care

I'm rather fond of my possessions because they are a testament to my hard work and dedication

I love my stuff! Life is more fun with cool gadgets, entertainment, etc.

Are you more of a child at heart or a wise sage?

Child all the way! I'm very playful and creative

Sage. I am wise and practical above all else.

Both; my child-like creativity is married to my insightfulness

What's your personality?



Ambivert :)

What are you most afraid of?


Being alone without friends and fun

Never having encouraged or inspired someone

Wasting my talents and abilities

Never being heard for my wisdom and insights

Failing at my mission in life

What music style do you listen to most? (It says a lot about a person!)

Parodies/Comedy songs/Country





Anything sad, beautiful, or thought-provoking to match my sensitive side

Last Question: Which character did you identify with most in Daughter Darkness?







I haven't read it yet; key word is YET. 😁


"I was perfectly content sitting and watching the sun go away for another day." Sensitive and forthright, you are the Myrk Maiden herself! Like Twilight, you prize your individuality and hold the arts and creativity in high esteem. Not only are you talented, but you also have strong morals and will defend them fiercely if need be. You are usually very quiet, preferring time alone to think up new artsy ideas and introspect, but the warrior in you emerges when your values are trampled. You are gifted with a quiet intelligence that usually reveals itself in beautiful ways. Be careful not to live too much in your head, though. Also understand that not everyone has the same beliefs as you, and someone disagreeing with you is not necessarily an affront to your character. Stay strong, bold, and unique as the creator that you are; make this world a more colorful and meaningful place!


"I like to look at life as a big party!" Effervescent and charismatic, you are the zest of every party! Like Zemorah, you are fun, lively, and extremely social - you love people, and they adore you back! You are inherently a thrill-seeker. Young or old, you live for fun and for new experiences, and it's never a dull moment when you're around. Zemorahs also tend to have very refined, sophisticated tastes in life, holding beauty, quality, and good food/drinks in high regard. Presentation matters! Although you are a blast to hang out with, you may sometimes move too quickly for everyone to keep up with, and your loved ones might appreciate it if you took life a little more seriously once in a while. But what can you do? You're a mover and a shaker, and nothing can keep your bursting positivity down for long!


"I had to work for relevancy, to make a name for myself." Dedicated and purposeful, you are the person who gets things done and lives a life steeped in meaning. Like Sein, you are intelligent and driven, but sometimes misunderstood. You are not of this world. Something about you, whether spiritually or otherwise, "transcends" that which is of the Earth, meaning you have very lofty ambitions and a burning desire to realize your goals. You may be very religious, but this is not always the case. If you are, then your religion trumps everything else in life and you will fight tooth and nail to please your God and live out your calling. You also value education, knowledge, and philosophy to a degree. It is important to remember, like Twilight, that not everyone will believe in the things you do. You cannot control others and their lives - one of Sein's mistakes! But your zeal and otherworldly aura will appeal to others like you and, when properly guided, inspire others to start taking their lives more seriously, too. One thing is certain - you don't waste a minute of your precious life!


"Getting in our emotions again?" Intelligent and driven, you are the force of logic in this world. When life doesn't make sense, you are there to provide some form of order and structure, and you believe that a society without rules and regulations is doomed to collapse. Not to fear, though; with your meticulousness, the right things will get done at the right time! In addition to being practical, you have a sensitive side that reveals itself to the people closest to you once in a while. You may have a problem with self-exposure and emotional vulnerability. Fortunately, you are not void of compassion and can be very kind when you choose to be. Your strength, however, lies in your ability to repair disorder, expose flaws in reasoning, and get a lot of work done. Productive and pragmatic, you, like Damion, are capable of accomplishing a great deal in life - no one can stop you for long!


"I definitely think I'm funny enough for rom-coms." Warm and gregarious, you are a ray of light in a dark world. Like Cobi, you are probably quite creative and witty with an offbeat sense of humor and a silliness that's unconventional. You love to encourage people, inspire them, and especially make them laugh. While some people may see you as bizarre, never fear, because your sweet charm is appealing to many! Cobi is known for his forever-optimism and sunshine attitude. Unfortunately, this can mean you're a bit lazy sometimes and you may not take life seriously, but it's easy to forgive you since you're so positive and kind! Keep being a strong source of light and loving others - if everyone was like you, there might be more world peace!


"I adore music and good writing." Wise and philosophical, you are a voice of insight in this world. You, like Solshek, value knowledge, intelligence, and insight, and your mind is a very lofty place. You often spend a lot of time introspecting. You are quiet and sensitive, but strong inside with deeply held convictions. Your innate sense of right and wrong is more powerful than the average person's; it is difficult to deceive or manipulate you because you are so aligned with the truth. You are committed to sharing your beliefs and ideas with the world. Unfortunately, this may make you come across as prideful and pretentious, even if it's untrue. You are simply very wise - some people will envy that! Continue sharing your perspectives with others and making the world a more informed and enlightened place - you absolutely have what it takes!

You would describe yourself most as:
1 / 21
You enjoy philosophical discussions and big-question topics:
2 / 21
What do you like most in a friend?
3 / 21
You have a sophisticated taste and enjoy the finer things in life?
4 / 21
Are you ambitious?
5 / 21
How important is money to you?
6 / 21
Which of these things do you most identify as?
7 / 21
Are you religious?
8 / 21
How passionate are you about fulfilling your purpose in life?
9 / 21
Are you a thinker or a doer?
10 / 21
Friends would describe you as:
11 / 21
You consider your core flaw to be your:
12 / 21
Which compliment would you rather hear?
13 / 21
Above all, you would like to give the world more:
14 / 21
You cannot stand these types of people:
15 / 21
How much do you value your possessions?
16 / 21
Are you more of a child at heart or a wise sage?
17 / 21
What's your personality?
18 / 21
What are you most afraid of?
19 / 21
What music style do you listen to most? (It says a lot about a person!)
20 / 21
Last Question: Which character did you identify with most in Daughter Darkness?
21 / 21

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