Which Disney character are you?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
Which Disney character are you?

A magic Disney world - this is a fairytale for all children in the world. We all remember old good characters from the movies and cartoons: princesses, talking animals, magic creatures, just to name a few! Are you ready to learn which Disney character are you?  

In a critical situation you ...

Worry and lose self-control

Ask your family and friends to help you

Try to stay positive

You are not afraid to face problems and obstacles

When someone praises you, …

You thank the person with dignity

You are embarrassed and turn red

You can't say a word

You smile widely to show your gratitide

In a company of friends you ...

Are responsible for comfort and food

Take the role of a leader

Entertain everyone

You can't talk to your friends because you meet new people and start talking to them

If you need someone's help, you ...

Humbly but in a friendly manner ask whether people can help you

Try to solve the problem yourself

Tell jokes to attract everyone's attention

You demonstrate your failures because you are too embarrassed to openly ask for help

When you are angry ...

You try to hide your emotions and smile

You become panicky and you look really weird

You burst with all the emotions that you kept inside you

You start giggling nervously

Which of these entertainments do you prefer?

Outside activities

A new hobby

Drinking tea with friends

Board games in a big noisy company with songs and jokes

What is your favourite category of Disney cartoons?

Princesses and fairytale kingdoms

Animals and their adventures

Touching and insightful stories

Funny stories about Mickey and his friends

What do you appreciate most of all in Disney movies?

Faith in a fairytale and kindness

Light humor

Funny adventures of the characters

The story development and the deep meaning

What would you choose ...

Flying with Peter Pan

Talking with Mrs Potts and Chip

Fighting with Hercules

Traveling with Mad Hatter

Which of these characters do you dislike most of all?

Donald Duck


Shere Khan


What characteristics do your friends like in you?

Kindness and honesty

Good sense of humor

Courage and readiness to come to help

You what you are

What feelings do you have when you watch Disney movies?

Happines and laughter


Interest to what is going on around me

Food for thought and desire to make more achievements


Congratulations, you are Pumba, an adventurer with a kind heart and a loyal friend from the cartoon "The Lion King".  Show this test to your friends to see whether or not you have the same results!    

Snow White

Gentle, modest, and kind - this is all about you and the Snow White from the fairytale. Show this test to your friends to see whether or not you have the same results!      


Absent-minded, clumsy, and naive - these are your main traits. In this way, you are similar to Goofy, a friend of Mickey Mouse, who always finds troubles. But still, he is always very positive and enthusiastic.  Show this test to your friends to see whether or not you have the same results!    


You are brave and courageous, your second name is Simba. Like the main character of this Disney cartoon, you are not afraid of problems and you are always ready to come to help those who need you. Show this test to your friends to see whether or not you have the same results!