Which BBC Top Gear Presenter Are You?

Which BBC Top Gear Presenter Are You?
TV shows rarely become as popular as Top Gear, which launched its stars into the spotlight as popular celebrities that are recognized all around the world. Find out which Top Gear role would fit you!

What car do you need?

Anything but it should be fast

Any but it should look stylish

Beautiful, comfortable and nice to drive

Very enduring

What will change with your part in the show?

It will be more fun

We need a little bit of mysteriousness

I'll show how to be a bon vivant

I'll be informative

What is the main thing about cars?

The number of horsepowers


Technical equipment

Comfort when driving

What your friends do often laugh at about you?

My slowness

One of the stupid acts of mine

My jokes

My reserve

Were there dangerous situations in your life?

I live this way all the time

No, I try to be careful

Yes, a serious fight

There was a severe accident

What is the best weapon in your armory?

An ultra-white smile

Sparkling jokes

A mysterious look

A great intellect

What will you order at the restaurant?

A pint of beer

Nothing. I'll sit around

A steak

Anything except Indian food

If you have to cross Sahara, what vehicle would you choose?

What is impossible to bear in this life?

Excessive popularity

Difficult dishes

Moving arrows on the dial


If you could do something till the end of your life, what would it be?

Wearing colorful shirts

Driving a Porsche

Goofing on everybody

Test driving

Jeremy Clarkson

He came to Top Gear in 1988 and brought many new things: interesting ideas, his peculiar manner of talking and a little bit rough humor often going beyond the bounds of decency, but viewers liked him, and the show ranking started growing. While just a few hundreds of people initially watched it, when Clarkson joined, this number started to rise. In 1999, the host leaves the show. The reason was his desire to try himself in new projects. The show ranking dropped without eccentric Clarkson and the management of BBC decided to suspend new episodes. In 2002, Clarkson returns suggesting the total restart of the show. The BBC producers and management took their chance and didn't lose. Top Gear turned from a cognitive TV program into an entertaining bright show, a minute of which cost a lot of money. Tell your friends about your result. What result will they have?

Richard Hammond

Before joining the show, he worked on the radio. Sometimes the show colleagues and fans call him Hamster. In one episode of the show Hammond ate a cardboard sign imitating hamster's behavior. Participating in the show almost ended tragically for the host – when piloting a jet car he got into an accident. Everything came right but Hammond asked his colleague never mention this event. Top Gear hosts are the rampant fans of cars and Richard Hammond is not the exception. He has a thing for Porsche cars and owns a few expensive cars. Tell your friends about your result. What result will they have?

James May

James May joined the show in 1999. The set colleagues were never tired of mocking the man's careful way of driving and gave him a lot of witty nicknames. This didn't stop the journalist to accelerate the cars to amazing speed and stay the authority in terms of equipment arrangement and car modifications. Tell your friends about your result. What result will they have?

The Stig

A mysterious pilot The Stig became the favourite character of Top Gear – a racer-crash tester who trials car on the track. The host hides behind the helmet and always becomes the target for jokes and secrets. Over 26 seasons, three men played the role of The Stig. Perry Mccarthy was followed by Ben Collins, and the current secret pilot is not revealed yet. Tell your friends about your result. What result will they have?