We'll Guess Whether You're a Dog or Cat Person

We'll Guess Whether You're a Dog or Cat Person
It's believed that the whole world can be divided into lovers of dogs and cats. Meow vs. woof :) Psychologists state that a cat or a dog lives in everyone and that these animal features express themselves all the time. Nobility and commitment vs. wisdom and elegance - which dominates your character? Answer the questions of our test and find out.

What does home mean to you?

A place where I can properly relax

A place where love and coziness reign

A place where all close ones get together

What picture do you like most?

What are the chances that you'll go on holiday alone on a scale from 1 to 10?

What is your biorhythm?

I'm an early bird

The most interesting things begin in the night for me

I feel well at any time of day or night, the main thing is to get enough sleep

What emotions does this statement provoke in you: Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will?

What impression do you make on people?

I can get along with everyone

I'm a private person

I'm a controversial nature, have a thing for arguing

What people do annoy you?


People who are always sad

Vain and frugal people

Do you agree that having as many good people around as possible is the most important thing?

Your common reaction to an offensive accusation about you?

I won't be rude, try to sort things out

I'll answer in such a way that the offender will remember it for long

They're all wrong talking about me, I won't pay attention to it

Do you easily obey other people?

No problem, especially if a person inspires respect and credence

It's hard for me to obey others, that's why I hold a senior role / freelance

I obey when the situation requires it

You're from the cat family

By all appearances, you're from the cat family. Your thing is independence, sharp, crafty wits. You don't lack charm and appeal - it's incredibly and not boring at all to be with you. You can easily make a person fall in love with you, however, won't let him/her to your heart right away testing the patience of the one who seeks your freedom and personal territory. Express more sincerity and people will scratch you where it itches oftener. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You're a dog

Of course, you're a dog! Commitment, energy and nobility are more your style. It's easy to speak your language and you are that very person to go on the scout. You'll probably bark... umph... take a stand without losing dignity and optimistic look at the situation. But season your trustingness - look at the world, people and events more realistically. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You're a CatDog

It's difficult to say which dominates in you - a cat or a dog. You stick to the golden middle. You're sufficiently open, sincere and active. you always know when you need to stay alone, relax and gain strength. We wish everyone could maintain this balance! Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.