Which “Spider-Man” Villain Are You?

Which “Spider-Man” Villain Are You?
Spider-Man first appeared in comic pages 50 years ago. Over this time the young hero has faced numerous enemies, from street robbers to creatures able to destroy reality! There are so many characters that it's hard to sort them out. Take our test and find out what antihero suits you!

What color will be your suit?

How do you think, what will be the most effective weapon in fighting Spider Man?

My intellect and cunning

My strength and endurance

The power of science

My suit will make me invincible

Do you have some other business except hunting for Spider Man?

Well, yes. Sometimes I try to write something, read

I spend all the free time studying scientific books

I create skillful plans to take over the world

Of course, I do have friends, they're more important

How do you need to act in a stressful situation? For example, when aliens seized the Earth

To fight them alone and let everybody envy my strength

To invent a trap. They're stupid and will definitely fall into it

I'll try to make arrangements with them, maybe they're friendly

To broadcast live and tell everyone what is going on

What material will you make your suit from?

Choose a phrase that describes you better

The world is changing, boys, it’s time we change too.

We are who we choose to be... now, choose!

When you have such power and don't use it, you'll be always guilty for what you didn't prevent

The end justifies the means

All you need to defeat an enemy is intellect. Do you agree?

By the way, what do you have against Spider Man?

He had to be destroyed to show the world my power

He's stopping me from living my life. All my problems are because of him.

That's personal

There can be only one superhero in this world. And he's not the one.

What superpower do you lack?

Thanks, I have it all

Strength! I need strength!

A little cunning won't hurt

Super speed

Describe your villainous style:

I need a supersuit so no one could recognize me

I love tech with various options

A common cape will do

Something wild, as if I'm a menacing hunter

The Green Goblin

The Green Goblin (real name - Norman Osborn) — the father of Peter Parker's best friend and in combination the most dangerous enemy of Spider Man! The Green Goblin uses a wide range of arms starting from explosive bombs to a flying glider. But the major weapon is his intellect - thanks to it he bears the title of the most dreadful antihero. Tell the friends about the test, let's see what role fits them.


Venom (real name - Eddie Brock) — a journalist-loser who united with an alien symbiote Spider Man had denied. Blaming Peter Parker for his failures Eddie Brock agreed for the symbiosis with the costume to revenge. As it turned out, giving the carrier incredible powers, the costume feeds on Eddie's life energy. Tell the friends about the test, let's see what role fits them.

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus (real name - Otto Octavius) — a specialist in the area of nuclear physics. He uses mechanical tentacles, which he controls with the power of thought! Once Octopus managed to defeat Spider Man when he changed bodies with the hero, but the last words of Parker about power and responsibility stuck in Otto's head so much that he decided to continue the mission of his enemy as Ultimate Spider Man! Tell the friends about the test, let's see what role fits them.

Kraven the Hunter

He seeks to defeat Spider Man to prove that he's the world's greatest hunter. Kraven believed that he doesn't deserve the love of his Calypso until he destroys Spider Man. This feeling made him hunt the hero once and again. Tell the friends about the test, let's see what role fits them.