Who Are You From Star Wars?

Who Are You From Star Wars?
Everyone has heard of Star Wars. A few generations grew up watching these movies and soon yet another part of the new trilogy will be released. This universe is full of vivid characters and everyone has their favorites. Which character resembles you most? Take the test to find out :)

What climate do you like most?



Moderate climate

No matter if only without rains

What is your strength?

I easily learn languages

I quickly remember information

I have exuberant imagination

I'm good at teamwork

And your shortage is

Quick temper

Lack of empathy



What part of the saga do you like most?

Revenge of the Sith

A New Hope

Return of the Jedi

The Force Awakens

What do you like most?

Working out


Playing video games


You are





What planet do you like most?



Sanctuary Moon


Choose a companion who will accompany you everywhere

A smart robot

A faithful friend

A trusty steed

A crowd of friends


You're a Wookiee. Threatful outside, kind-hearted inside. Wookiees are smart guys and easily learn languages although they don't speak well. They're very strong and live long, attached to their close ones but may freak out over trifles. The Han Solo's faithful friend Chewbacca was a Wookiee - that charming husky won all the hearts of saga's fans. Share the test with your friends and let the power be with you.


As a droid you're incredibly smart and know new things every day. There are several types of droids, for example, a droid-companion who helps people in difficult situations. Over time this droid becomes a man's friend and partner. For example, R2-D2: over time he became not a soulless machine but a brave assistant and friend. Share the test with your friends and let the power be with you.


Ewoks is a shaggy race from a woody satellite of Endor. They look like cute bear cubs but don't let their appearance delude you - they're strong and can be no less dangerous than an enraged wookiee. Ewoks are curious and inventive, like to know new things. Share the test with your friends and let the power be with you.


Stormtroopers are the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Usually, they cling together - it's easy to fight them by one but they're almost invincible as a ream. A stormtrooper is dutiful and faithful, he'll go with the stream until something extraordinary happens that can put him off his stride. Share the test with your friends and let the power be with you.