Sex Personality Test - What Are You Like In Bed?

Sex Personality Test - What Are You Like In Bed?

You need to know your temper for both your professional career and personal relationships. Do you want to know what impression you make in bed? It's easy! We'll tell you if you're a tiger or a marmot.

Let's start with an unexpected question. What should you be scared of in the woods?

Predators. A wolf, for example

Everything! Woods!

They should be scared of me!

The need to do something, to make a fire, to make a meal

The perfect place for love-making in your opinion?

Umph... Perhaps, at my office? It would be interesting

The main thing is what my partner likes

Well, at home, of course

Something super romantic. At a luxurious hotel in the center of Paris, that’s it

How often do you go to a sex shop?

Well, sometimes I call in to window shop

I bring my other half there

Rarely, but right on target! I always buy something awesome

Oh, God, what's this?!

Evey trifle may ruin a date. This trifle in your case is...

Anything. I may recall the unsavory supper at the restaurant and everything is undone

Only something terrible. In other cases I’m ok

Tardiness and indecision

I may dislike the environment

Usually, when you wake up after a roaring night, you find your clothes...

Scattered all over the room

Carefully put on the chair next to the bed

I look for them all over the apartment

Somewhere next to the bed

Let's make a cocktail named "the ideal". What do you want to add?

Determination + boldness + cheek

Attention to me + care + sincerity

Calm + reserve + intelligence

Gentleness + agreeableness + tenderness

Choose a print...





When did you last engage in intimate relations?

Last night

Last week

Never (о_О)

Hum... a month has passed?

Can you deceive your other half?

Only when the circumstances require...


Sometines, I must admit it

And what if I deceive her and then she finds out? Oh-no

What smell do you consider the most intoxicating?

Any perfume

Something natural


Tasty food. What's wrong with that?

What bed sheets do you prefer?


Regular, I don't care



What's a perfect date for you?

Candles, dim light, music, and wine. Mmm...

Where is not important, but with whom

An expensive restaurant

Just to take a walk. To go to an ice rink, for example

You're a sly old dog in bed

First, you study your partner's habits and then act in line with the fancies, preferences, desires of your other half. However, you don't forget about yourself since the goal of your "research" is not only to give pleasure to your lover but also to enjoy it to the full. A smart strategy. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see their result!

You're a sloth in bed

Of course, tender touches are pleasant for you, you like that the parent is interested in you, but it's almost impossible to get dynamic actions, initiative, and strong reactions out of you. You prefer to lounge in the partner's arms for a while, to get a portion of kisses and hit the sack, ideally, to a separate bedroom to avoid someone who can sniff, snore and stretch his arms when you don't need it. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see their result!

You're a cheetah in bed

Swiftness, some aggression, struggle for domination. It's not no easy to "take" you. You bring teeth and claws into play, don't feel shy to give the series of various sounds, rarely allow tenderness and too light touches during the intimate act and having finished you can dash away at once. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see their result!

You're a quivering deer in bed

One need to persuade you for a long time, besides, doing it in such a way to make seduction not look like a compulsion, otherwise, you throw it back and one cannot catch up to you. You like long preparation, you need a portion of tenderness, and again if you dislike something it won't do - you get dressed, sling mud at the partner and leave him to think what mistake was made this time. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see their result!