Who Is Your Ideal Anime Boyfriend?

Who Is Your Ideal Anime Boyfriend?

Today we'll head into the 2D world to find out the name of your anime boyfriend!

Yout character type?







Personality type? I'm gorgeous!

Well, don't know… Something in between

Assess your laziness on a scale from 1 to 10

How do you spend your leisure time?

I have a hobby - cruising for a bruising

Getting ready for exams with my friends

I save people!

I work out because I feel I'm not strong enough

I read manga and lounge about, why should I do something at leisure?

I cook, especially I like making sweets

Shopping is my passion!

Roam the streets and talk to people

A perfect place for dating?


Amusement park

Workout area

Classical dates are boring a joint mission is much better

Somewhere outdoors

At home, it's cozy

Festival site

Shopping mall

What do you like to eat?

Sweets, more sweets!

Japanese food is the best


I don't like eat much

Healthy food


The more expensive - the better

I eat everything I see

What's your favorite color?









Will you kiss him on the first date?

Well, when you kiss eventually, what it will be like?


A peck on the cheek

It'll be all of a sudden

We'll look into each other's eyes and then…

We'll share a Pocky stick

This will be a very tender kiss

After running in the rain

We'll tease each other for a long time and only then kiss

Your boyfriend is late for your date but he mentions it in advance. Your reaction?

How much jealous are you?


It seems you conquered a crusader for justice and an S-class superhero. Great job! You met him during a mission and since then you like to work together (although you can't do without Saitama, of course). 

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

You look so cute together. It's interesting what will do you on your next date? Trying to kill Saitama together? Sounds romantic.

Okumura Rin

Your relationship even gets stronger because of your competition in reading manga, keep it up! I'm even a little jealous, Rin is so good at cooking after all...


Isn't it romantic to eat candies you made and grow flowers? Although you won't do only these things with Amaimon since... well, it's boring, you should find some adventures.

Bakugō Katsuki

Yes, you are an explosive union indeed! But you help Katsuki and make him more confident and better because you really fit each other.

Izuku Midoriya

You grow together like characters and more. His commitment and your persistence can make wonders together! You work out together since it helps you feel yourselves much stronger.


You're a goddess too and peace-monger at the same time. You help Yato build his temple understanding that he's having a tough time on his way to become the god of happiness. Maybe, your hearts were designed for each other.


You were getting closer quite long because Yukine was afraid of forging relations but you eventually became a great couple striving for the shared goal. Yukine is lucky to have such a caring girlfriend.