What Were You In Your Past Life?

What Were You In Your Past Life?

Every reincarnation leaves memories of the previous one, experienced as deja vu. There is a chance you might remember your past lives. This quiz will help to find out who were you then. 

Assiduity is not about you

Which of these objects does attract you more?

A scepter

A map

A knife

A flask

An astrolabe

A sword

A cloth

A lute

An axe

A magical ball

A hat with a feather

A tray

You're in danger. What will you do?

I'll go to bat for everybody who is in danger with me

I'll fall back until I create the action plan

I'll run away to save my life first of all

I'll grin in the face of danger

I'll cast a curse on this danger and go away

I'll fight to the bitter end even if I know I'm not strong enough даже

Are you sure this is a danger?

Estimate your magical powers

Estimate your diligence on a scale from 1 to 100

What's your attitude toward murders?

Which of these places does look even vaguely familiar?


Battle field





Training ground


Throne room

Do you tend to lie?

What does attract you most?








Nothing in particular

Everything in the world


Other people's pain


Search for truth








What position do you take on the scake where 0 is obedience and 100 - rebellion


It was hard to live in the woods with your team but eventually it payed off. You managed to earn by robbery so much to settle down in a quiet village and live in piece. However, sometimes the woods summoned you.


You were a brave knight who took many enemies' lives. Your king appreciated you and rewarded you for your success. Your life journey ended in a fight but even after your falling people kept to honor you.

Crown Prince

Your life was pompous, you allow yourself everything. But your little brother also wanted it all and frantically envied you so you had to fight with him. You won but lost your little brother and the responsibility for his death still gnaws you.


Unfortunately, your destiny is unenviable. You purged your previous karmic sins living the life of a slave under a tyrant. You died when you were young, having recalled everything and repented.


You were young and tried to master everything you were taught with fiery eyes. Unfortunately, you died without becoming a person you wanted to be, without fulfilling your potential. But your knight remembered you until his very last days.


You probably saw who you are destined to be. You saw many things sending shivers up and down but you were forbidden to share your predictions, otherwise, it would become even worse. Was it worth it? It's up to you to decide.


You were a dark magician and cast plague on unwanted people. You were paid to make you curse others. But everything has its cost and someone brought one of your curses back. Hence, you don't know magic now but feel its aftershocks inside.


The kind word was spread all over the world about you - so expertly you treated people and sought to open ever new ways of struggling with diseases, You saved so many lives that it's impossible to count them but, unfortunately, the disease you hadn't managed to find a cure from reaped you.


People listened to your songs with delight in the finest establishments. But once another bard - not so famous as you - envied you and your tongue was cut. However, you didn't give up and put the texts of your ballads down to give them to others. Your offender was caught and punished and then people started to write ballads about you.


You lived as a hermit trying to find the truth. And you found it and it found you. You should tell everybody about it but you decided to keep it till death. To this day no one knows about your existence and this truth. Will you be able to recall it today?


You were an adventurer and traveled trying to hide from someone very powerful. Fortunately, you were lucky in companies. You often traveled by sea routes and by the end of your life journey became a pirate.


You got nowhere to go, either you sentence others to death or you die. Eventually, you used to your job and even liked it. You were hardened in heart growing your internal armor. Much blood was left on you and because of this bad luck follows you today.


You had an inherent gift for chemistry. Everything became new and interesting in your hands. You almost managed to create the philosopher's stone but something went wrong and you died the terrible death. Who knows, maybe in this life you'll be able to complete your research? Or create something different but equally important?


Dancing was your passion and earning. People tried to learn the way you dance. But you regretted that you didn't achieve anything else and didn't start a family.

Circus performer

You combined a few occupations at the same time. You could easily be a clown, an acrobat, a juggler and even a tamer in your circus. It was a kind of harbor of miracles and everyone considered it his duty to visit it.


You grew the world's biggest pumpkin and didn't even know it because there were no record books at that time. You were also kind-hearted and shared a part of your harvest with poor people. Your karma is clean.


You trade everything but put the focus on fabrics. You also were good at their faking but no one suspected you and your business succeeded. But how many people suffered from your tricks? Probably, not so many, otherwise, it would be easy to catch you, but agree this is not good after all.


You were kept on a hard and tedious job, but continued to work because couldn't escape. Your little siblings were in distress and you helped them like mad earning at least on this job. Probably, you'll be compensated in one of the next lives.


There are many discoveries made by you but a part of them was stolen by other people. But you didn't regret it since you didn't want to be burnt at the stake for your views.


You undertook absolutely every work doing it in a quite quality manner and leaving no traces. Every time you managed to escape courts of justice leaving behind the notoriety of the best killer. But one day you murdered the wrong man and you were punished then and there.

Assiduity is not about you
1 / 10
Which of these objects does attract you more?
2 / 10
You're in danger. What will you do?
3 / 10
Estimate your magical powers
4 / 10
Estimate your diligence on a scale from 1 to 100
5 / 10
What's your attitude toward murders?
6 / 10
Which of these places does look even vaguely familiar?
7 / 10
Do you tend to lie?
8 / 10
What does attract you most?
9 / 10
What position do you take on the scake where 0 is obedience and 100 - rebellion
10 / 10

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