Learn About Your Money Personality

Learn About Your Money Personality
How come money likes some people but not you? Do you dream to grow rich, earn your first million, or just save enough money to buy something? We agree money cannot buy happiness but it's boring to live without. That's why you need to take this test and find out how to become a money magnet!

Choose a phrase, which describes your money relations best

Money is a very useful thing. It allows you to avoid doing what you don't like

Money doesn't matter - until you have it

A man can live long for the money he's waiting for

Money is not enough even to understand that it cannot buy happiness

Do you know your expenses for the last week?

Have no idea

I can give a rough estimate

Of course, all the calculations are in my mind. Otherwise, it’s impossible to survive

I try to evenly distribute the income within the month

What will you do if one day you wake up thinking you aren't satisfied with your wage?

I live with this thought

Maybe I'll finally decide to change the job

I'll try to spend less

Well, I don’t know, I'm seemingly satisfied with everything. More or less

You eventually managed to save your first million. How will you spend it?

I'll buy everything I was dreaming about

I'll quit the job and enjoy my life

Don't know, I don't have any plans yet

I'll quit the job and find the occupation to my liking

What do you usually do when having no enough money?

I curse everyone and their brother

I look for yet another silly work

I borrow from friends

Having enough money - is it possible after all?

Tomorrow will you be your colleague's birthday. What will you give him/her?

I'll make him/her happy with something awesome

I'll decide then and there

A colleague? Well, he/she'll do without my present

I just wish him/her happy birthday and wish all the good things

You should save against a rainy day. What's this?

And why not to start your business?

This is so difficult. Are you kidding me?

But for what?

I can't afford it. It’s too expensive.

I don’t know, I cannot make up my mind to quit my boring but stable job.

If you take out a loan, what will you pay attention to in the first place?

Take it if they give it!

To monthly payment since my income is fixed, it cannot become higher

To the maximum amount of the loan. I play for high stakes!

"Thanks" to my office job I'm good at papers, that's why I read everything inside and out

What's your attitude to charity?

How do you think, what do you lack to grow rich?





Make it to wage - is it about you?

Every my month is survival

No, if anything crops up I'll find some side job

Yes, I'm bad at budget allocation

Well, no. No matter whether you have money or not - I'm short of it all the same

You don't like your job

One of the most widespread causes of mutual dislike with money is a negative attitude to one's job. When you look at your workplace with dislike and don't want to set about tasks, you start pitying yourself against your will and work worse than you can. When you truly love your occupation and everything related, including wage, is quite a different story. And when money is desirable and warmed with your gladness, it won't run to other's wallet for sure. Tell your friends about this test, financial consultation won't hurt!

You don't know how to save money

You should know how to save money. And it's totally wrong to call it greed since it's a whole science. You should know how to handle money - where to invest it, how to accumulate capital and what to spend it on. There are people who flush money down the drain and the complain about poverty. To avoid it you should keep a record of your income and expense, monitor spending and pay closer attention to saving. Tell your friends about this test, financial consultation won't hurt!

You have no goal

To buy a flat, to save for a rainy day or go to an expensive restaurant - you don't know exactly what you want to spend your savings on. Correspondingly, you don't have the amount you're reaching for. Alas, sticking to this approach you won't work it out. It's not enough to be satisfied only with the desire to make more money. Only if you have a clear goal you have the motivation and then means are found to make your dream true. Tell your friends about this test, financial consultation won't hurt!

You're afraid of working

You believe you have to work hard and a lot for a high wage. Yes, that's true actually. That's why you subconsciously choose such kinds of earnings, which don't require much responsibility and provide a low benefit. Where on earth would the money come from if you deliberately escape it and don't want to earn more? This tactic won't lead to your dream coming true and only make you treat your job bad. You need to change it ASAP! Tell your friends about this test, financial consultation won't hurt!