Why Don't People Like Me?

Why Don't People Like Me?
All people are different. Some are used to being in the limelight, while others usually keep quiet. Nevertheless, all of us have to communicate with classmates, colleagues, and friends. It's not always easy to estimate your skills in this area but if you want to find out what people think about you, take our quiz!  

You enter a cafe during dinner time. All the tables are occupied. But then you notice there is a table for four persons, where there are only three men. What will you do?

I will sit down to the table without a word and have dinner paying no attention to them

I will come up to the table and sighingly beg permission to join

I will give all a contemptuous look and leave

It's just nice! Why not get acquainted with new folks? We'll certainly get to be friends!

How do you think what do others notice in you in the first instance?

How should I know what will cross their mind?

My self-containment

My amiability

My eyes full of grief

There is a funny sociable party. You are late a bit and come when all have already gathered. What will you do just upon entering?

To begin with, I will come to the closest people and start talking to them

I will stand in the corner awaiting someone to come to me

I will find a lone ranger just like me and tell him about my problems

I will stand near the wall and watch that, a way too much joyful, crowd

What annoys you most about people?

They are always joyful and positive, though there are no reasons for such behavior

They are always so busy and never have a minute to have a heart to heart talk

When one acts foolishly and irresponsibly

It is difficult to trust them

You deliver a report at the conference. In the end, the audience begins to applause. What will you think?

"Surely. You are not able to do that as good as me"

"It should be a joke, things just can't be so nice"

"They love me. Now I'm a celebrity"

"So what"

What do you feel when understanding that someone really likes you?

The satisfaction due to the realization that someone likes me

My armor slowly melts and I open out

I want to know more about the person

I am afraid, this can end too fast

How do you feel at the party where there are many unknown people?

When someone gives you a compliment, your first thought is:

At last!

Here is the ideal reason for acquaintance

The main thing is to remain calm and passionless

Is it truth or just fulsome flattery?

If in your company there is a new person, who at once becomes the focus of interest, you consider he:

Is a lucky beggar

Is just ludicrous

Knows how to attract attention

Is a cool guy, maybe I should ask him out

What will you do, if two days after the date no one calls you?

If one doesn't call me, I will call myself!

I will pretend I don't care

I will die from boredom and grief

I will not pay attention

Negative energy

Every day we ask each other "How are you?" - sometimes even oftener, than we would like to. And whenever the answer is positive, people like it. At the same time, if you start telling a sad story from everyday life or complaining about a crowded bus, they go against the grain. Of course, each of us has own problems and difficulties but we should try to keep them about ourselves. You'd better share your troubles with intimate friends and relatives, who can actually help. Just be as positive, as you can! Share the quiz with friends on social media! Maybe someone is embarrassed by the same question.

Coldness and closedness

Your severe look, observant and concentrated eyes tell people about your closedness towards conversation, a cold and nasty temper. Even if it's wrong, you project yourself as a self-assured man with egoistic inclination. However, we hope these words are not about you. But try to remain in a positive mood and make it noticeable for people around you. Interested and riant eyes, a light smile - it's enough! Share the quiz with friends on social media! Maybe someone is embarrassed by the same question.

A little less conversation, a little more action

All of us know people, who always compel others to talk to them. However, if one talks in a non-stop mode hardly managing to respire between various themes, it's unlikely there will be volunteers ready to listen to that stream of consciousness. Of course, it's not about you but sometimes you make people think that you have an endless stock of questions and answers and that even one-minute silence annoys you. Remember that listening to a conversation partner is still the most important rule within any relationship! Share the quiz with friends on social media! Maybe someone is embarrassed by the same question.

The hub of the universe

As experience shows, you are always victorious over other people, prove your rightness and from time to time look down your nose. All these are not the things that attract others, they witness your egoistic inclinations and inability of listening. Competitiveness is not so bad, however, don't try to play first fiddle all the time - otherwise, you are at risk of remaining alone. Share the quiz with friends on social media! Maybe someone is embarrassed by the same question.