Why Don't Boys Like Me? The Quiz Will Help!

Why Don't Boys Like Me? The Quiz Will Help!
Some girls can turn everybody's head, while others feel invisible. What's wrong and how can it be fixed? Take this test to find out.

You've started a big cleanup at home, but then he's called you and invited to a cafe. What will you answer him?

I need to check my appointment book

Maybe, next time?

No, I cannot, today I have dancing class

You visited a gym. A handsome guy is lifting weights next to you. What will you do?

I'll try to keep up with him

I'll go to the change-room

I'll say that he looks like Apollo

Amidst men, do you feel free and hang-loose?

Of course, I need to make myself look better

That's not about me

Not really, I constantly think of how to make a good impression

You’re among two guys, you like one and you’re indifferent to the other. What will you do?

I’ll talk to one I don’t like to make the first feel jealous

I’ll give them the right of the first step

I’ll try to make them like me

If you want to meet a guy on a dating site, what would you write in your profile?

If you want to meet a blonde bombshell, write me

I'll be happy to receive any message

I know three languages, I’m an excellence dancer, live in my own apartment in the center of the city

My wardrobe are...

Short skirts and tight-fitting blouses

comfortable and practical clothes

A lot of unusual clothes

A guy you don't know is looking at you. What do you think?

He doesn't deserve me

Perhaps, I've a pimple on the nose

Great that I set my hair today

A guy you like wants to come to you. What will you do?

I'll try to appear indifferent

I'll offer to watch a movie

I’ll order something delicious and say that I cooked it myself

You're an interested listener

Depends on who I'm talking to

Yes, so long as I don't need to tell something myself

No, I prefer to tell about myself

The guy likes blondes, and you're a brunette. What will you do?

I won't change anything for some guy

I'll leave my hat on when I see him

I'll dye my hair

Are you on a diet?

Only when I feel that I need to loose a couple of pounds

No, loose hoodies hide my figure

Of course, to impress guys

You like to keep a check on everything

Yes, I always keep my finger on the pulse

No, I just go with the stream

No, I like spontaneity

Your inapproachability pushes him off

You heard somewhere that guys like unattainable girls, that's why you behave correspondingly. You don't look to his side, blatantly talk to everybody in the company except him and ignore his attempts to address you. Of course, you shouldn't run hard to him when you see him. But it's better to behave naturally. Talk to him as you talk to others, easily and calmly. Your task is to stay a normal adequate talker.  Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!

He doesn't like your insecurity

As soon as a handsome guy appears on the horizon, you immediately withdraw into yourself. And all your charm evaporates somewhere, when you depress eyes embarrassed and shoulders out of despair, thinking about a treacherous pimple on the chin, a bad hairdo and that he's beyond your reach. Get irrelevant thoughts out of your head and try to stay calm. Focus on your advantages: throw back your shoulders and go ahead! - to win his heart. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!

Your dishonesty pushes him off

You tell him, "Well, I also went to Thailand/was in that new cafe/can play guitar". You should understand that if he believes your stories and you start dating, the truth will come to light sooner or later. And it will turn out that during that vacation you didn't take the sun on a paradisaical beach, but aired gooses in the grandmom's village. Tell everything as it is: don't make up advantages, use ones that you have, enhance them. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!