Winnie The Pooh Personality Test

Winnie The Pooh Personality Test
Have you ever wondered if the characters from Winnie-the-Pooh symbolize different psychological types? Answer the questions and find out what character you are from A. Milne's book. This test is not designed for establishing a diagnosis and doesn't replace medical diagnostics.

Do you feel that you have so much energy that it annoys other people?

Assess how much a certain order of actions in some things are important for you (ritual)

What mood do you most often have?

Merry, very active

Anxious, nervous

Sad, rueful

Depressed, reserved

How many times a year do you suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, apathy?

You're often anxious

When you see when someone you don't know touches your bag, what do you think?

I want to hit him/her so much!

What if he/she didn't wash hands and now there are his bacteria on my things!

Can it be true that someone thinks I'm interesting?

He/she'll probably make a mess. What a nightmare!

If it's stormwind outside and you cannot go outside, what will be your mood?

You are capable of doing business long and methodically.

Do you feel sad the most time of your life?


Don't know



Assess how much are you afraid of unknown.

Do you get up on a certain side of bed or as luck would have it?

It depends

I try to do it on the right side

Doesn't matter, I rarely get up from the bed

Yes, otherwise, the day will be for nothing

You're a sluggish person.

Even if everything is fine, are you afraid that this won't last long?

Да, я часто Yes, I'm often anxious

No, everything cannot be fine at all

No, I don't think about the future

The main thing is to keep order, then everything will be all right

When you're taking a shower, what do you do?

Singing and dancing

Worrying, what if you slip

Thinking that life is so fast-flowing as water

Trying to manage to wipe the tiles

Assess how much are you hedonistic

Winnie-the-Pooh (Hyperkinetic syndrome)

Probably, people consider you a faddish person. You're active but not patient. You as Winnie-the-Pooh fin it hard to sit still for anything, that's why you need something to happen. You can also easily compose lines since you love creativity despite restlessness. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Piglet (Anxious disorder)

Perhaps, you're too anxious over both trifles and serious relationships. You need stability and don't like o take a risk. You tend to self-analyze but it'shard for you to deal with changes. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Donkey Eeyore (Depression)

Probably, you're prone to depression. Sometimes it seems to you that everything makes no sense but it's worth looking around periodically. You're sensitive and like reflexivity. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Rabbit (OCD)

Probably, rituals play a very important role for you - this is the recipe for calm for you. But sometimes you suffer from such "traditions". You like rules and you can be called a neat and responsible person. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)