Your Perfect Date

2019-08-05 06:32:25
Your Perfect Date
The date format has long ceased to be the same. Today your meeting can be implemented in any format, which at first glance doesn't fit a romantic date. However, you should feel comfortable and nice at this rendezvous. That's why if you don't know where to meet better, take this test!

What present would you like to get from the partner?


A concert ticket/fitness tracker

A big plush toy/something handmade

What movie would you likely watch?


Fast and Furious

The Notebook

What café you would go to on a date?

A popular one with beautiful design

A bar

A coffee house

What would you definitely take for a date?

A powder/comb

Sun glasses

Candles and a blanket

What you cannot forgive your partner on the date?


Grunge attitude


On a date, you...


Telling funny stories

Aren't shy of expressing your feelings

How do you spend weekends with the partner?

Leave for Italy for a couple of days

Go to a match and strain voices

Serial binge-watching with our favorite food

What clothing style do you prefer?

Business, classical


Romantic, comfortable

What's your playlist?


Hip Hop


Your date will be successful if…

You make a cool couple photo and post in on Instagram

You don't look at the smartphone

It's interesting for you to listen about the great-aunt of your partner

What makeup you make for a date/prefer for your partner?

Femme fatale



What a bunch of flowers you'll give/would like to get?




What will you order on a date?

A steak and grilled veggies

Burger and French fries

Rolls and a dessert

How should your date finish?

Saying thanks for a great evening

The morning in the bed after a crazy crash pad

Love expression

What's your attitude toward wedding?

This is a sign of a serious relationship

This is a good excuse for a cool party

This is a celebration of love

You decide to make a surprise for your significant other. It will be...

Love expression on the radio

A writing under the window

A poem composed by me

At the restaurant

You like sprucing up, having unhasting talks and feeling comfortable. That's why a restaurant is the best option for your meeting. Don't forget to book a table! Share the test result, your friends also be able to learn something new about themselves ;)


You like movement, passion and cannot sit still. That's why carting, a shooting room, couple sky-jumping will be a good option. Make sure to notice your partner about the dress code! Share the test result, your friends also be able to learn something new about themselves ;)

On the roof

You're a romantic, exquisite person, that's why it's better to have a date in a quiet, secluded place, for example, on the roof. Make sure to take your favorite food to have a picnic there! Share the test result, your friends also be able to learn something new about themselves ;)