Agent 007 - Is it About You?

Agent 007 - Is it About You?

2019-02-25 21:25:08

Everyone dreamt about the career of a spy or an Intelligence service agent when they were little, didn't they? Many people still hold hard on these tempting thoughts and dreams about a pen with invisible inks, a micro-earpiece, a very flash car, and expensive cocktails. But this job is not for everyone. Let's check would you find a place in the Bond's team and how well can you lick a problem even if a mission is impossible.

Where do you dream to spend your vacation?

In the Alps

At the summer house

On Seychelles

In the USA

Bond cannot dream about a vacation. He can hardly escape for a night. But where?





Le't talk about alcohol. What drink will you choose?





Choose an actor

George Lazenby

Daniel Craig

Roger Moore

Sean Connery

We decided on the actor. What about Bond's girl?

Natalya Semyonova


Miss Moneypenny

Tracy Di Vicenzo

What is your favourite character?

Luke Skywalker

Sherlock Holmes


Spider Man

Where do you want to work?

In a university

In a major bank

In an insurance company

In police

What is your main merit?




I know how to button up mouth

With whom you'd like to have a drink?


Alexander Pushkin

Donald Trump

Leonid Brezhnev

How can you hide your ignorance?

A good suit resolves all problems

Charm and humour

To talk much. They’ll think what I know what I’m doing

I don't face such problems

How often do you lie?

A little bit does not count, right?

I'm bad at lying, I blush at once

Depends on a situation

I'm a virtuoso in this matter

You need to find some information. Your actions?

I ask friends, people I know

Informationn finds me itselft

Ok Google

I use all possible sources

Your main drawback?



Excessive self-confidence


Your name is Bond. James Bond

Unlogin, Mr. Bond! You are good at all spy tricks, you know all technical novelties and can make a somersault and hit the target from a distance of several kilometers. A ready-made spy! You cannot but use it - immediately look for a job and save the world. Honor and respect are guaranteed. Tell your friends about it - let them envy and admire with your mysteriousness. 

You're Agent 006

Be ready for promotion! James Bond would take you as an assistant like a shot. You''re gonna fit right in his team, but you lack something to become a secret agent. You need more dexterity to not to touch passers-by when you're tracking a suspect and not to drop a pen with an earpiece. Talk about this to your friends - you will be able to work in a team and we'll feel safe.

Not this time

You're 25% Bond Yes, your suit is good and you drink cocktails as James Bond, but, unfortunately, this is too little for a real secret service. If you know how to make a cocktail "shaken, not stirred", you'll probably become a secretary or a trainee in a spy department. However, the career in state bodies is not about you. Your friends will support you, share the result with them.

Mission: Impossible

Don't put us in danger! Your car doesn't start, your suit doesn't even fit and it's not a big deal to make you tell some secret. It's better to keep all state secrets away from you. Too dangerous. Your clueless sociability and excessive sincerity are, definitely, good and useful, but not for this profession. Instead, you can boast of your unique communicative skills to your friends.