Think You're A Genius? Try To Ace This Quiz

Think You're A Genius? Try To Ace This Quiz
Genius is the highest level of intellectual or creative functioning of a person. Find out if you can apply this label to yourself!

Do you have a passion you want to devote all your energy to?

Yes, of course!

Sometimes I can be carried away by something

No, I'm not an enthusiastic person

Who is a genius to you?

Stephen Hawking

Coco Chanel

Lionel Messi

How many Qs are hidden there?




Do people often consider you strange, otherworldly?

All the time

It happens when I let myself go


Are you ready to engage in your activity without remuneration just for the fun of it?

Yes, the main thing is the process

If this is a hobby

No, I won't take pains without money

What of these colors does differ from the others?




Do you feel you have the potential for greater achievements?

Yes, I want to create something great

Sometimes, but not for long

This is hardly about me

How many cubes are in the picture?




How do you take fantasy?




One train is going from Kiev to Donetsk, and the other – from Donetsk to Kiev. They departed at the same time, but the speed of the former is three times higher than the latter’s speed. What train will be further from Kiev at the moment of their meeting?

The same

The latter

The former

Are you always self-collected and practical?

No, I'm often absent-minded

I'm trying to


How many numbers can you find here?

10 numbers

6 numbers

4 numbers

Is your thinking more verbal intellectual or imaginative emotional?


Verbal intellectual

Imaginative emotional

Which is hard for you to understand?

Lofty matters

Maniac's thinking

Advanced maths

How many times can you subtract 3 from 25?

One time

Eight times

You cannot subtract

You're a man of outstanding personality!

You have signs of genius. You're really passionate about your business, and your outlook is immense. Wish you good luck in your endeavors! Share the test result, what if someone doesn't know that you're genius?

You're talented!

You can't be named a genius yet, but your mind is piercing and quick. If you involve in your business completely, you'll reach unprecedented heights. Share the test result and try to take in 2-3 years! :) 

You hide your potential yet!

Perhaps, you haven't yet found your cup of tea you'll burn with, and maybe you think that happiness is in something else. We're sure you can come to the top! Share the test result, maybe someone will see a genius in you?