Am I a Genius or Not Really?

Am I a Genius or Not Really?
A test for the presence of genius highlights the level of intellect and logical reasoning which are often indicators of a successful career and personal development. Harness your willpower, concentration, and attention and our genius test right now!

Long ago in the 18th century, there lived a shepherd boy named Oliver. He had 17 sheep, but they all died because of an epidemic. All, except 9. How many sheep were left?

9 sheep escaped death, as said above "All, except 9"

Nothing was left, poor bastard


17-9=8. That makes 8.

Think. From what dish can you not eat?

Of course, from an empty dish. Unless you are a conspiracy theorist and think the dish is poisoned.But this is not likely.

From the one my mom chooses

From an empty dish

You can eat from any dish if you're really hungry

From one which has been used

You are walking along the road and see that some passer-by is carefully looking for something. It turns out he is looking for last year's snow. Can you help him?

To find slast year's snow you need to go outside at the very start of the new year. It's logical!

Maybe there is some in Siberia.

Let him start looking on 1 January.

Well, this is impossible

Imagine two houses standing side by side. One is a luxurious five-storey mansion by a lake, and the other is just a hut. Suddenly they go up in flames. Which house will the police extinguish first?

The police don't extinguish houses; they have so much to deal with already. They won't extinguish either.


The mansion, of course.

The hut. It's more flammable.

Both at once

You're hungry. How many bananas can you eat on an empty stomach?

Only one. Yes, even if you are very hungry. After the first one, the bananas will not be eaten on an empty stomach.


A kilo. You're hungry!

Well, three at most

Remember your geography lessons. Which mount was the highest before Everest was discovered?

Everest. It existed even though it had not yet been discovered.


A moment, please...Tibet?


An electric train is going en route from Moscow-Petruski at a speed of 80 km/h. The wind blows in the direction of paris. In what direction is the smoke from the electric train blowing?

Just kidding. An electric train has no smoke.

Towards Moscow


In the direction of Paris


What can you share only once?

A secret can only be shared once. Even if generosity is your second name, you can't do it twice.

I don't like to share at all

A secret

Food. I won't give more than once

A correct answer in an exam.

A funny meme on Facebook.

And now a minute out of history. Peter I brought the potato to Russia. And where was it found for the first time?

Genius lies in simplicity. The potato was first found in the ground.

It seems in Holland

Somewhere in the ground

Aztecs grew it

It had always been in Russia

You’re a captain of a cruise liner, you’re sailing from Genoa to Marseilles. And then according to plan – the Pacific Ocean. How old is the captain?

You are the captain, indeed!

35. Young people don't go to sea.

He's the same age as I am.

50, since he had done many things before.gas

You’re in a dark room, you can see nothing at all. You have a gas lamp and petrol lamp. Which one will you light first?

You can't do it without a match.

The petrol-lamp

The gas lamp

A match

You are given a task in shop class - to saw a stick in 12 parts. How many saw-cuts do you need?

11 saw-cuts - 12 parts. Everything is simple.




10 candles were burning at the old countess’ house. She went to bed in the night and put out 3 of them. How many candles were left?

The countess put out 3 candles and they remained. And the rest of them burned out. There was nothing left of them.




Nothing was left

You are a genius!

Congrats! You have a great result. Probably, you guess about your talents without this quiz since this genius cannot go unnoticed. And you can't hide it either. You knowledge slops over and sometimes even floods people around. Brag about this result to your friends!

You have a talent!

Talent is not a coincidence. Nature gives it not to everybody, but this doesn't mean that you have nothing to work on. You aren't so far away from genius, you just need to compose yourself, switch on attentiveness and read a couple of books. Brag about this result to your friends!

You have abilities

Nature gifted you the abilities for logical reasoning, but you rarely use them. That's why your skills of deduction and induction leave much to be desired. You can develop them to genius, but be ready for a long and complicated way.  

Sorry, but you are not a genius.

You have troubles with logical problems, mathematical formulas, and physical laws. All these scientific terms are not for you. It seems you more at home with liberal arts, creativity, or sport. Don't get hung up on complex solutions. Nonetheless, there's room for improvement.