Am I dating a sociopath?

2019-10-16 09:03:54
Am I dating a sociopath?
Sociopathy is an antisocial personality disorder anyone can suffer from - your neighbor, boss, friend, husband, child, local police officer, and so on. The disorder is not inherent: while one is born a psychopath, sociopathy is the consequence of a trauma suffered in childhood, probably, even violence, physical or emotional one. Are you concerned over your partner is a sociopath? Take the quiz to find out for sure.

You're walking across the street together and see a freezing kitten. What's your partner's reaction?

Let's take it!

That's too bad, but you cannot give everyone home

Let's go, it's cold

How does your partner feel about parties?

Does your partner often violate someone else's private space?

Is your partner able to accept the fact that it was his/her fault?

Yes, if he/she is actually wrong

It's easier for him/her to blame someone else

He/she believes he/she is rarely wrong, so there's nothing to admit

Friends consider your partner a sensitive and sincere person

How easy it is for your partner to control his/her emotions on a scale from 1 to 10?

Does he/she prefer to speak about himself/herself and not others?

How does your partner react to criticism?

It hurts him/her


He/she doesn't care

When your partner and you are bored, what do you do?

Visit someone

Ride a bicycle or go skating

Stay home watching series

Is your partner most often annoyed or calm?




You partner is 100% sociopath

Your partner doesn't like people. Anyone. Even close ones. But psychologists are still confident: a sociopath is able to fall in love. However, a person she/he has feelings for should hit him like a ton of bricks. And, of course, if she/he decides to love the sociopath back, it will not be easy since the latter loves himself/herself more in any case. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends date sociopaths.

You partner is 50% sociopath

Your partner likes to be among close ones, but she/he hates noisy crowds with all her/his heart. He/she feels great staying home all day long and not talking to anyone. But she/he becomes a totally different person, for example, going on a vacation. There she/he's the life of the party, merry fellow and total contrast to himself/herself. And your love makes him/her even more open. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends date sociopaths.

You partner is not a sociopath

Your partner is a true extravert who cannot live without communication. He/she adores people and cannot live a minute without them. And without your love :) You're dating a sensitive and tender person who openly shares his/her feelings and experiences. Thanks to this sincerity you have a chance to build a strong relationship, which will become a great foundation for starting a family. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends date sociopaths.