Are You A Good Parent Quiz

Are You A Good Parent Quiz
Raising children is a difficult process, as children absorb the attitudes of the adults they're around. Who are you for your child - a friend or strict mentor? Take this quiz and find out whether you are a good parent or not.

Can you stop all your business at any moment and deal with your child?

Of course, I always do it

Usually I do, but some business is more important


Do you take the child's advice despite his/her age?

Yes, children feel everything better

Only if a question is about him/her

Why? In any case it's up to me to decide

I always get on well with children.

Yes, we speak with them the same language

I try to pick up words to make children understand me

I'm not good at it

Do you prohibit your child many things?

My child has no prohibitions

I prohibit and explain why he/her shouldn't do it

I prohibit things that do him/her no good, I don’t try to explain why – a child cannot understand all the same

Do you always fulfil promises made to your child?

Yes, even at my expense

I try, but not humor his/her fancy

No, but I hope the child has already forgotten what I promised

I always keep from swear words in the presence of the child

Your child punched, pushed or offended other person. What will you do?

He/she’s little, it’s not a big deal

I'll explain why he's wrong

I'll scold him/her

Do you think whether the child's room is equipped in a right way, wether the child is comfortable there?

Yes, we equipped the child’s room with the help of specialists

There are all the things needed in the child’s room, of course, the child is comfortable there

The chid hasn't his/her room

Most often when you talk to the child you use this phrase :

I don’t know what I’d do without you

That's my girl/boy!

I don't know where you get that from.

Do you often do something for your child?

If he/she doesn’t want to do something, I have to

From an early age, I teach the child to be independent

I make the child to do everything on his/her own

You’re observing the next picture at the supermarket: a child is lying on the floor and crying and his mother pays no attention to it. What do you think about it?

Why did she give birth to him?

This is her child and her business

That's right, he'll calm down soon

In a letter to Santa Claus your child asked for a $150 toy.

I’ll buy it for sure – this is X-mas after all

I’ll find something similar, but cheaper

I’d buy him/her new shoes for this money

Your child has a sugar allergy. What will you do?

I'll cook healthy sweets

All the family won't eat sweets

I’ll hide candies and eat them when the child doesn’t see me

You run the risk to bring up a spoiled child

It seems you run the risk to spoil your child with excessive care. Keep in mind that when you were little, children played outside all days, ate porridge and left to camp for the whole summer. Give your children a little bit more independence, otherwise, they'll call the shots soon. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.

You're a great parent

The child is the greatest value in your life. You're trying not only to understand but also get to know him, you treat him with respect and follow most progressive principles of upbringing and constant line of behavior. In other words, you do it right and can hope for good results. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.

There's room for improvement

Probably, you became a parent being not quite prepared for what was waiting for you. It may happen that you have not the nicest memories about your own childhood. One way or another, if you aren't satisfied with yourself as a parent, try to understand what exactly goes wrong and what you can do to change the situation. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.