Quiz: Are You Going To Be Rich?

Quiz: Are You Going To Be Rich?
We all know that happiness is not simply about wealth. However, it’s way easier to enjoy your life when your financial situation is good. Plenty of people are simply bad at managing their resources. Do you have a chance to become rich? Take this test to find out if you can be lucky!

Everyone is encouraging us to dream. What’s your financial dream?

To win a lottery

To get a good job with decent salary and insurance

To have investments income

What do you think about you job?

It’s tedious. I hate it

I’m fine with it. Anyway, I need money

My job inspires me

What if you suddenly lose your job and income?

I’ll find a new job or get a new profession

I’ll be getting unemployment benefits and living with my relatives

I’ll cut my expenses until I find a new job

How are you dealing with your tasks during the day?

I’m like an energy generator – don’t get tired of what I do

I put all efforts into work, but don’t do more than necessary

I hardly have enough strength to finish

How do you react when someone tells you “It’s impossible!”?

It’s like a call to action! I’ll be working hard to prove otherwise

I’ll try again. Might be lucky

Oh well. It’s not like I wanted it

What do you do when you have to make a decision?

I logically analyze the situation

I seek advice of my friends and relatives

I watch telly, the answer will come by itself

Imagine that you need to choose two qualities. What’s better?

Be rich but greedy

Be ordinary but intelligent

Be poor but beautiful

What do you do when you want to buy something expensive?

I’ll wait for discounts or price reduction

I’ll start saving money for it

I’ll use a credit card or ask my friends to lend me money

You’ve got a big amount of money that you can spend the way you want. What will you do?

I’ll do a market research and invest it

I’ll save it for the future

I’ve got a list of purchases to make! I’ll go shopping!

If you were starting your own business, what kind of people would you hire?

Professionals. However, they have to be under control as well

Professionals, so I don’t have to control what they do

Those who respect me

Future billionaire

You might be extremely lucky or you might properly manage your finances and take maximum benefits from them. If you keep living like that and having the same practical attitude, you have plenty of chances to become rich! With an attitude, persistence and patience like yours, the possibility of this is actually quite high! Will your friends become rich? Share this test to find out!

Financial comfort

You know how to manage your finances. At the same time, you prefer to enjoy life and spend money on your comfort and pleasure. You don’t have to save money to make a purchase, however, you find it hard to buy something expensive. At least, you always have money to pay the bills! Another part of your income can be used to make you happy. Will your friends become rich? Share this test to find out!

Financial wreckage

You live in a permanent state of lack of money. No matter how much you’re cutting you expenses, you feel like you don’t have enough. Perhaps, it’s your job that doesn’t bring you the desired income or you might not be capable of controlling your expenses. Anyway, if you keep living like that, you should forget about wealth! Will your friends become rich? Share this test to find out!