Are You a Good Wife? Let The Quiz Guess

Are You a Good Wife? Let The Quiz Guess
Being a good wife is a balancing act that requires traditional activities and the settling of conflicts. She often helps to keep harmony in the family and offers support where needed. Take this quiz to find out how well you handle the traditional role of a wife.  

When you are about to cook dinner,

you ask what your husband wants

you cook a dish, which you planned ahead

you cook what you want

What idea often occurs to you?

Life is not a piece of cake, but I’m lucky to have such a husband

I wonder when he’ll make any surprise for me

Why did I hurry to get married?

What do you do if you husband comes home in a bad mood?

Serve supper, take care of him

Put on a brave face

Explain what he should leave his bad mood at work

The spouse promised to go to the restaurant with you in the evening, but canceled everything at the last minute. Your actions:

I’ll organize a romantic night on my own

I’ll say that I also wanted to stay home

I’ll take offence and think how to repay in kind

You suspect that your husband is cheating on you. What will you do?

I’ll start looking for an infidelity reason in myself

I’ll pay no regard to suspicions

I will revenge

How do you treat husband's friends?

I also like to spend time with them

I make sure that friends aren’t more important than wife

I don't like them

Husband and I share together our failures and feelings...

Every day at supper

Only when it’s hard to keep silence

We don't need it

Do you check your husband's phone and email?


A couple times and it's a shame!

Yes, I don't trust him a lot

Your husband's salary was cut. What will you do?

We’ll quietly talk this over and decide what to do

I’ll ask him to find other job

I’ll raise the roof and say that he’s a looser

Husband came from the garage all dirty and mucked the door to the bathroom.

I'll clean the door without a word because he's tired

I’ll ask him to clean the door when he’ll take a rest

I’ll say him he’s a dirtbag and clean the door myself

Do you taking rest together?

Well, how can we not?

Usually we do, but sometimes our schedules don’t allow it

No, we have different ideas of rest

Do you consider your husband the master of the house?

Yes, I try to make him always remember it

We have equal rights

No, the family depends on me

You're going to the restaurant, your husband is putting on a shirt, but one of buttons rips off. You will

sew on the button

ask husband to change his shirt

say him to sew on the button

You're a great wife

Congrats, you're a perfect wife! You managed to become for your husband both a seductive lover he doesn't want to leave to go to work in the morning; the best friend he can always share his feelings with; and caring mother who always cooks tasteful food, washes and irons clothes. Every man dreams about it. Such wives roll in flowers, they're carried in arms. Your hubby is a lucky man! Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.

There's room for improvement

You're a good wife, but there's room for improvement. Try to spend more time with your husband, to become familiar with his interests - this will allow you to become closer. Ring the changes on your life, make surprises for each other more often: a candlelight dinner, a ballon ride, love expression written on the pavement under windows - there are many options! Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.

You need to change something in the family relationship

You're bad at the wife's role. And "bad" is to put it mildly. It seems you don't love your husband now that you're so indifferent. It doesn't make sense why you married him. You do need to change your attitude to your husband, otherwise, divorce is unavoidable. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off.