How Psychic Are You Really?

How Psychic Are You Really?
Crystal balls, black cats, love potions...these mysterious things are so enticing! Very few people can get in contact with supernatural forces. While some psychics can read thoughts, others can talk to ghosts. Some people can even predict the future! How amazing is that? It's time to find out whether you have supernatural powers and what you should do to manage them. Take this quiz to find out who you really are!  

Do you remember your last dream?

Yesss! Elvis Presley was feeding a tuna sandwich to a unicorn.

My friend and me went somewhere. Or saved the world? I can't remember.

Seven crows were circling over the city

There was my father. Or was it yesterday? Or maybe it's a lie?

You and your friends are talking about your mutual acquaintance. What happens next?

I meet that person that same day

That person enters the room

One of us remembers a funny story involving that person

Then we start talking about another acquaintance of ours

What do you usually do in early January?

I read cards and coffee grounds trying to foresee the future

I make wishes

Me and my friends get together and tell each other scary stories

I'm taking a break after the New Year's celebration

Do you like to spend time alone?

Yes, I like being alone

No, I can't stand being alone. I get bored, or scared, or both.

No, I get a creepy feeling when I'm alone

Depends on the situation. Sometimes, I want to be alone.

Have you noticed that equipment and electric appliances work strangely with you around?

Yes. My smartphone is so old it does strange things all the time.

Everything breaks down once I lay hands on it

My toaster starts emitting smoke when I glance at it

A vacuum cleaner burned once. Does that count?

Have you ever guessed the questions you'll have on an exam?

Yes, it happens. My friends are stunned with my abilities.

Yes. This is the only reason why I study well

It happened a few times. Pure luck.

I only rely on my cheat sheets

Do you believe some people can read other people's minds?

No, it's both impossible and against the law

Sometimes I can guess what my friends are thinking

Who needs to read thoughts? It's all written in the face!

Theoretically, you can't know what other people are thinking. But in life, anything can happen.

Do you often feel nervous, even when nothing bad is happening?

No. Serenity is my second name

I hardly ever get nervous without an obvious reason

Yes, and for a reason

It happens but this feeling is fleeting

Do you watch shows about supernatural powers on TV?

Yes, they're funny

Only the most interesting episodes

I don't have time for this

Yes, but I don't want anyone to know this

If you need to make a decision, you...

Ask a friend or family member for advice

Sit still until the solution comes up

Try to forget about it in order to have an idea later

Throw a coin

You give a present to your friend. What's their reaction?

Wow! How do you know I wanted this?

Great vase, thanks!

Oh my God! It's what I've been dreaming about for years!

I always ask the person what they'd like to get

Do you like surprises?

No, they scare me. You never know what's going to happen.

Yes, I love surprises. I'm actually very good at surprising other people.

If someone made a surprise for me, it would be nice!

No, I can't come up with an exciting idea for a surprise

You have a third eye

Have someone ever told you that you can foresee the future, read other people's minds, and heal through touch? If they have, they were right. Your results indicate that you have strong psychic powers. All you need is a little bit of practice, and you'll be able to use your amazing abilities to consult important people or make horoscopes. If, however, no one has even complimented you on your powers, they must be afraid of what your rare gift can do. Why don't you explore your incredible abilities and use them to help others? We bet you can read palms and all that stuff! Be sure to tell your friends about your supernatural powers and find out what they think. We bet they'll start asking you all kinds of curious questions about their future! It'll be fun!

Your third eye can't see sometimes

Well done! You have all the necessary abilities to become a professional psychic. You just need to polish your skills a little bit. How do you do this? For example, you can talk with spirits and ghosts. Or you can practice in reading cards and predicting what the world will be like a hundred years from now. When going on the bus or in metro, you can entertain yourself by reading other people's minds. Or you can walk through walls! Sounds exciting, huh? Be sure to practice every day, and very soon you'll discover plenty of new opportunities ahead of you. Tell your friends about your supernatural powers. Who knows? Maybe they'll agree to take part in your experiments! 

Your third eye is closed

Well, you have something from a psyhic...For example, you can look at the person in a mysterious way, making them believe you know everything about them. However, it's not nearly enough. It seems like psychic powers are not your thing. Don't get frustrated, though. You can still see exciting dreams and read cards! You know what? You can work as an assitant to a magician! After all, someone has to lure rabbits into the hat! Share this test with your friends and see whether they have supernatural gifts. And if they do, you'll make a great team! 

You have no third eye

It's hard to be farther from supernatural abilities than you are. It seems like in our dreams, you only see mathematical formulae and Newton. It's not that bad, though. Truth be told, a psychic's life is not an easy one and you can be happy you'll avoid all the trouble. Who needs magic and ghosts when there are plenty of real things, such as science and economics? Well, maybe you have a point. Share this test with your friends and see how they'll do. And then you can go and see a TV show telling about people with supernatural powers and have a big laugh!