Let's Test Your Military Knowledge

Let's Test Your Military Knowledge
It's no secret that military service is an extremely difficult job, not just physically, but mentally. Let's see how well you understand military affairs!

What time is "Zero Dark Thirty?"

0030 in military time

0230 in military time

0330 in military time

0130 in military time

In the ways of military service, what does it mean for a servicemember to be "back on the block?"

The service member has served their time in the 'brig' and is back on duty

The service member has recovered from an illness and is back on duty

The service member has returned to the barracks after heavy fighting

The service member is back from leave and away from those "nasty" civilians

If a Marine has a girl back home, or a "Suzie" as they are called, then what's the nickname of the guy that's supposedly cheating with his "Suzie?"





What is a 'rack' considered in the Marine Corps?

The vertical storage unit for placing rifles

A case of beer off duty

Your bunk

A kick in the groin

Making a logical decision verses one from the gut

Flak jacket

Bullet proof vest


Humvee side panels

What's the nature of a 'head call' in the military?

Going to the bathroom

Stepping over one's head by making a call against a superior's orders

Begrudgingly having to contact higher-ups to lodge a complaint

Making a logical decision verses one from the gut

What's another term used for the unfortunate battlefield result known as "friendly fire?"

Camo on Camo

Green on green

Collateral damage

Blue on blue

If you were performing an operation known as a "field strip" what would you be doing?

Performing a partial breakdown and cleaning of your weapon

Constructing a makeshift landing strip for aircraft

Bathing and laundering in whatever water supply was available in the moment

Using a flame thrower to destroy edible crops

Which branch of the US armed forces goes by the slogan, "death before dishonor?"

The Navy

The Marines

The Army

The Air Force

What does the term 'crabbing' mean to troops?

Bottom feeding or finding any food possible when rations are low or out

Marching sideways during parade exercises

Walking on all fours as close to the ground as possible

Hooking up with not-so-clean locals while serving abroad

What was the slang acronym and/or phrase used for military-issued eyeglasses?

Cat eyes

BCDs or 'Birth Control Devices'

EYEs or 'Echo Yankee Echoes'

DiGs or 'Death Goggles'

In the US military, what is a 'wingnut' referred to as?

A member of the US Air Force

A mechanic that keeps Humvees running

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

A helicopter repairman

The concept of a 'redoubt' has been around since medieval times. What does it mean as a component of military strategy.

They were the result of reddish hued, smoky skies resulting from massive firing campaigns

They were back up plans in case the prevailing attack plan failed

They served as heavily fortified defensive retreats

They were considered military leaders who continually failed to make decisions

This feature is often used by gunners in order make corrections in aiming without having to rely on the sites of the weapon.

Shooting from the hip



Tracer fire

What's the slang name for the long-handled grenades the Germans used in both the World Wars?

Gumshoe nightstick

Cocktail muddler

Yankee banger

Potato masher

In warfare, what do 'pillboxes' refer to?

A tiny sachet worn close to the neck that's used to ward off the odor of the dead

A small, half-cylinder shaped tent that resembles a pill

A small metal container used by medics to treat the wounded

Concrete guard posts with narrow slits for firing weapons through

What were the 'Panzers' known as, especially during WWII?

Slang for Russian soldiers because of the the type of pants they wore

Armored tanks

Short breaks during furious battles between the allies and the axis

A group of scared, retreating German soldiers

Aviators flying in WWII were often threatened by heavy-hitting German shells bursting with black smoke. What was the term some of them used to name these menacing explosions?

Jack Johnson


Clouds of black death

Strafing fire

If you were fighting as an 'enzedder' which of the following would you most likely be doing?

Fighting for Adolf Hitler

Supporting special Navy secret ops

Fighting for New Zealand

Providing support for troops in the neutral zone

What is the term or phrase used in military operations when innocents are mistakenly or unfortunately killed?

Mayasa ratsion

Head cheese

Vladimir Poutine

Ruski treats

In the movie 'Saving Private Ryan,' obviously Ryan was a private in the US Army. What rank was John Miller, the man who saved Private Ryan?





What is the term or phrase used in the Vietnam war for when an officer is assassinated by his own troops?

Morale boosting


Mutiny on the Ho Chi Minh Trail


In traditional military history, where would one likely be if they were to be found in what is called, "no man's land?"

In the area between enemy trench lines

In the path of incoming strafing fire

In an uncharted minefield

In a prisoner of war camp

What task does a 'quartermaster' perform?

It's defined as a level of achievement at the U.S. Naval Academy

It's the position defining a soldier in charge of one-fourth of a platoon

It's an Army officer who oversees supplies and rations

In Naval ranks, it's the person in charge of cleaning the bunk units of sailors

What is the purpose of a 'cantonment' in military usage?

An area of a city or a particular directive that has been contained

A forward position in Chinese war tactics

A permanent facility at Army training bases

A prisoner of war facility in the French military

In the Vietnam war, 'bandoliers' were used quite prolifically. What were they?

A small group of musicians that lead troops into battle

A high-tech noise making device used to confuse enemy troops

A belt made to carry machine gun ammunition

A small group of intel seeking soldiers sent ahead of larger formations

Which great war was most noted for its particular prevalence of the use of trench warfare?

World War I

Civil War

Boer War

Desert Storm

Which of the following has the most stars as worn on the shoulder boards of Naval officers on their dress uniforms?



Rear Admiral


In John Wayne's first role in a war movie, 'Flying Tigers,' he played a pilot named Jim Gordon. What was his military rank in the movie?




Airman 1st Class

If the United States military is at DEFCON 1, the most dangerous situation, what color is used to express the defense condition?

Orange alert

Black alert

White alert

Red alert

If your were holding an 'MRE' in your hand, what would you most likely plan on doing with it?

Scanning the airwaves for enemy communications

Eating the contents inside

Reading the contents then destroying the message

Pulling the pin and throwing it at the enemy

Which of the following acronyms would a helicopter pilot be looking for when trying to put his or her craft on the ground?





Which of the following most represents the Chinese weapon known as the, "Flying-cloud thunderclap cannon?"





What was the name of the elite German force commanded by Erwin Rommel in Hitler's North African campaigns between 1941 and 1943?

Afrika Korps

Afrika Krieg



What is a 'click' a measure of in military usage?

The repeated pulling on the trigger when out of ammo

The amount of ammo rendered in a firing situation

The number of successful sub-operations knocked off during a campaign

The number of kilometers to a target or goal

In World War I what was the slang name given to a British soldier who was fresh in the ranks or simply a common servicemen?




John Doe

What were the "ramparts" that were watched that were so, "gallantly streaming," in the USA's national anthem, the 'Star-Spangled Banner'?

The streaming of the rocket's red glare

A brave garrison of soldiers

The defensive walls of Fort McHenry

A line of impenetrable tanks

Who was 'Charlie' during the Vietnam war?

Ho Chi Minh

The chaplain

Chopper pilots in general

The enemy

In Royal Air Force slang in the UK, what is considered a toilet or bathroom for airmen?


Aerial assault

Loop de loop


What does the phrase "bought the farm" refer to?

The use of agent orange to destroy food production during war

The advancement of troops and their overtaking of land

Test pilots crashing their aircraft

The use of napalm to burn crops and vegetation


Judging by your knowledge, you are a real beginner. The army service is not familiar to you, so many devices, techniques, and even words and expressions are new to you. In any case, now you know a little more and soon you will be able to surprise the commander of the regiment! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!


Judging by your knowledge, you are already familiar with military service. Therefore, some devices, techniques, and even expressions you have already learned. However, in this complex case, there are still things that you have to learn. For example, using our test! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!


Judging by your knowledge, you are already very familiar with military service. Therefore, many devices, techniques, and even expressions you have already learned. It is difficult to find something that would be new to you and could surprise you. But we still hope that you learned something from this test! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!