Are you a Psychopath?

Are you a Psychopath?

Dr S. Fued
2020-05-11 13:16:50

This is a simple test that can give you a answer to the question: Am i a Psychopath? This test will put you on the spectrum with four colours, Yellow,Orange,Red or Crimson. 

WARNING: This is just a test, if you want an actual answer go visit a psychologist

How manipulative are you

I am very manipulative

I can be manipulative

I'm not very manipulative

I can't manipulate people

If you pushed someone off a rooftop and got them injured badly do you feel guilty?

No i wouldn't feel guilty at all

I would feel a small amount of guilt

I would feel guilty for pushing him

I would feel like a monster of badly injuring him

Are you able to easily read people?

I can read anyone like a book

I can read most people easily

I can read some people

I can't read people at all

Do you exploit others weaknesses?

Yes i exploit everyone i knows weaknesses

Yes i have exploited many people's weaknesses that i know

I have exploited the weaknesses of a few people

I haven't exploited anyone's weaknesses

Are you able to charm people with ease?

Yes i am able to charm people without trying

It is easy for me too charm people

I am able to charm some people

I can't charm anyone

Has anyone ever commented on you having a monotone voice?

Yes people have

No people haven't

Do your eyes look lifeless?

Yes my eyes do

No my eyes look normal

Yellow Level

You have the lowest level on the chart you can get which means you have little to no Psychopathic traits in you!  

Orange Level

You have a moderate level on the chart you can get which means you have some psychopathic traits in you!

Red Level

You have a high level on the chart you can get which means you have many psychopathic traits in you!

Crimson Level

You have the highest level on the chart you can get which means you have many to all of the psychopathic traits in you! I'm advising you are either lying (to yourself) or need medical attention so i would reccomend booking an appointment with a psychologist/Psychiatrist