Are You Afraid of the Unknown?

Are You Afraid of the Unknown?

2019-02-25 21:25:08

Do you often get in questionable and uncertain situations? Some people see an opportunity to choose in these situations, while others experience extreme fear in case of slightest obscurity, that's why they aim to control their lives. To understand whether the unknown scares you take this small test. You'll get not only the result but also recommendations. 


A good job is where

the creative approach plays a key role

a task is set but you need to invent the solution himself

it's always clear what you need to do

What do you think about living a couple of months in other country?

It's too risky

I'll gladly make it through the winter in a warm country

I prefer a short leave

Everybody should have values and ideals

his own



If I don't know how others react to me, I...


don't pay attention to it

sometimes think about it

Between the right and the wrong

it's hard draw the line

there's no difference

there are clear differences

If a situation is uncontrollable, I...


try to clear the air

don't worry

I prefer parties

with friends

with friends and people I know

with anybody

What tasks do you take interest in?

Complex and creative


Complex but clear

I ... unpredictable people

am afraid of

admire with

take interest in

How do you prefer to spend the weekend?

in an amusement park

in a library

in a park

at a party

People who live according to schedule

deprive themselves of the sweets of life

know what they want

evoke my admiration

Any problem

has its solution

worries me

solvable when necessary

It seems you aren't afraid of the uknown

Incoming calls from unknown numbers and SMS from strangers will hardly scare you, they'd probably even kindle your interest. If you interrogate your memory, you'd probably remember situations when it played into the hands. That's why - carry on.   

You're ready to face uncertainty, but you'll secure youself beforehand

Probably, emails from strangers won't embarrass you, but more serious situations will make you think twice whether it’s worth the cost. Even if you think it over beforehand, everything could go wrong. That's why you should put trust in the occasion.

Orderliness or stability of life is your option

You'd probably ignore a call from an unknown number. And a public transport coming late rather disturbs than annoys you. Probably, you shouldn't take part in gambling games and ventures since it's hard to predict the outcome of this participation.