Interactive Online Spy Test - Could You Be a Spy?

Interactive Online Spy Test - Could You Be a Spy?
Did you dream of being an intelligence officer when you were little? Books and films depict these smart and brave heroes. It turns out that not everyone could be a spy. What do you think - can you join the secret service?

Look at the photo closely and try to remember all the detail. Ready?

Of course, I am a true spy!

As a child on the eve of your birthday you…

Searching all the possible places where parents could hide my present

Eagerly waited for his day and asked parents what they'll give me all the time

We always talked over what I'll be given

What's your codename?

I change it every week

The name of my beloved cat whom I had to leave at home having gone on the mission

I prefer to use numbers

What's the name of the café in the first photo?




Imagine you're caught during the mission. What will you do?

Don't know yet, but they won't take alive

I'll tell everything I know. Life is the most important thing!

I'll try to play false and run away

How many people in the photo in the first question are having lunch alone?




Will you take a weapon for a mission?

Certainly! I'm an intelligence officer after all and this is a risky job, so I should have the opportunity to defend myself

A glib tongue is my only weapon

Your friend asks you to cover her/him and tell to her/his parents/spouse that he/she stays at your place. In fact, she/he plans to go somewhere. Your actions:

We'll arrange what we'll tell to parents/spouse to avoid failure under interrogation

You'll interview her/him to find out whether she/he will spend this night. You know it well that you won't lie to others fencing off your friend.

You'll tell that you wanted to ask her/him the same. Suggest turn to the third party

Let's return to the photo in the first question. What is painted on the street café wall?

A graffiti

A bike

A city panorama

How will you transfer obtained information to the headquarter:

I'll send the letter with a carrier-pigeon

I'll transfer information personally when I complete the mission

Via email or messenger

Do you still remember the photo in the first question? What was the color of an umbrella in the street café?




Born spy

Aren't you a secret agent under cover? You're attentive to details, have an exact memory and logical thinking. You'd make a good spy. Think about it!

You don't fit for Intelligence

You're an honest and sympathetic person. But these are qualities that a secret agent shouldn't have. Unfortunately, you'd make a bad intelligence officer. Instead, you're a good friend!