Am I Actually Good In Bed?

Am I Actually Good In Bed?
What is hidden behind your bedroom door? Be frank and honest when answering these questions to find out how you express yourself in your love life. Perhaps, you're a sensuous partner who goes whole hog or an inventive one who often improvises. The quiz result will suggest what you need to pay attention to so the fire of your relationship stays alive.

I feel free to discuss our sex life with my partner.

Saturday, early morning. Having woken next to your beloved one, you…

Tenderly watch him/her sleeping

Pull the blanket off to admire his/her body

Tenderly caress his/her face

Do you feel a lack of desire? Probably, you...

Are upset because of something

Went cold on the partner

Feel bad

What could quench your desire?

Partner's rudeness

Turning sex into monotony

The lack of a partner's desire

The partner suggests a new pose to enliven your love life. Your reaction.

To get pleasure with the partner you need to…

Feel strong attraction for him/her

Overcome restraint

Feel my body

A long relationship is impossible without

Thrill in sex


Mutual understanding and support

You partner appreciate you in bed for…



Physical fitness

If the partner taxes you with insufficient passion, you start doubting your relationship.

What is important for you in sex?

Romantic atmosphere

Readiness for experiments

Getting pleasure by you and your partner

You're a perfect sexual partner

You're always full of energy in bed. You easily match the partner's mood not sacrificing comfort and desires. You're the best partner any man could have. You feel free to explore your sensuality and reveal the new sides without tension or tightening. You're happy in bed and make your partner happy. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are good in bed.

You're a student in bed

You are a romantic nature. Caress, care, hugs and kisses are the necessary components for you. You like creating intimate surroundings getting in the right mood. This is the best way for "firing up" for you. You express yourself in sex sincerely. You always rely on a more experienced partner and lose yourself in the process. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are good in bed.

You're on the way toward perfection

While you are shy and reserved in common life, you demonstrate extreme inventive power in bed. New ideas come to your mind periodically, and you don't miss the chance to try them in bed. It's important for you that every hug gives your partner pleasure. You're a creative person and successfully improvise in love life. But there's still room for improvement. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are good in bed.