Not In Love, A Little In Love, Or Very Much In Love?

Not In Love, A Little In Love, Or Very Much In Love?
Love is one of the most powerful and beautiful feelings experienced by a person. Sometimes it's very hard to understand whether you're really in love. Take our quiz to discover many interesting things about you. Be honest with your answers and let's get started!

Is there a person that makes your heart skip a beat when you see them?


It depends on the situation

I doubt it

Do you visit their social media pages often?

Yes, I like reading his/her posts

Only when I have time

No, I'm not interested in that

If he/she asks you a favor....

I'll agree to help no matter what

It depends on what they're asking

Why should I help them? We'll see.

Around him/her...

I feel lost and don't know what to do

I get excited but I try to act naturally

I act normally

When I'm left alone with him/her...

I'm a mess

I try to hide my excitement by talking too much

I don't feel anything special and talk to him/her like with everybody else

Do you see that person in your dreams?

Yes, it happens. I like such dreams.

I don't pay attention to such trifles.

Maybe. I can't remember.

When people are talking about him/her...

I'm listening to every word and trying to participate in the conversation

I don't pay attention and think about other things

Well, it may be interesting to hear

If he/she offends me in public...

I'll burst out crying

I won't show I'm hurt

I won't let them hurt me. I won't be silent.

As for our first conversation/meeting/joke...

I remember every single detail

Well, I remember some things.

What are you talking about?

When I don't see them for a long time..

I remember about him/her when I'm lonely

I keep thing about them all the time

I don't really care. I live my life.

As for other boys/girls...

I don't care about them at all

They seem boring to me

Some of them, I like. Others, I don't.

If someone is saying bad things about him/her...

I ask why that person is talking about him/her in such a way

I start defending him/her.

What if it's true? I'd like to hear more!

Oh yes, you're head over hills in love

Your answers show that you're really in love with a person you're thinking about all the time. It's up to you to decide what your next step will be. Anyway, we wish you luck with you heart affairs! Share your result with your friends and find out whether they're in love too. 

It's complicated

It's not clear whether you have warm feelings towards that significant person or not. You seem to be in doubt. Your mind is saying one thing and your heart is saying the other. Listen to your gut feeling. Share this test with your friends and discuss the results together!

Your heart is free

Well, it seems that your heart is free at the moment. Don't get upset! You have your entire life ahead of you. You're sure to meet the love of your life. Once you do, you'll know it instantly. Don't forget to share this test with your friends!