Can You ACE This Volleyball Rules Trivia Quiz?

Can You ACE This Volleyball Rules Trivia Quiz?
All sports fans are sure that they know all the rules and can advise the ref to use his specs. Are you one of these? Take the quiz and check your knowledge of volleyball rules.

Which dimensions does a volleyball court have?

Volleyball court dimensions are 60 feet by 30 feet. The court is divided into two parts 30x30 feet by the means of a 3-feet wide net.

50 by 25 feet

65 by 30 feet

60 by 20 feet

60 by 30 feet

What is the maximal number of sets in volleyball when playing at the international level?

There are from 3 to 5 sets in volleyball.





What the score does the game keep going to in the decisive match?

To 15 given that the break off from the opponent is at least 2 points

To 25

To 15

To 10

To 12

How is the player who doesn't take part in the block next to the net called?

The libero is a player specialized in defensive skills. The libero's main tasks are receiving attacking strikes of the opponent, picking bounced balls from blocks and dumps.



Front row player


How do players rotate after losing a ball in volleyball?

When the receiving team has the right to serve, each player rotates one spot clockwise: the left front rotates to the middle front position, the middle front rotates to the right-front position, the right front rotates to the right-back position and so on.




In any order

What the types of serving are there in volleyball?

In modern volleyball, especially played by men, serving becomes an almost decisive component of the game of the majority of teams.

Left, right

Strong, weak

Medium, upper

The underhand serve, the floater, the topspin serve, and the jump serve.

How many times is it allowed to throw the ball into the air to serve?

If the ball falls on the ground or in the setter's hands after the first throwing, the right to serve passes to the opposing team + it gets 1 point.

How many times you want to


If the ball freely falls on the ground, then 2 times

Until the time is over

Can you block the ball when it's being served?

No, even if you're a front row player.



The team rotates…

If after rotating the team needs the libero or the setter right on her position, then when rotating she stays on her position in amateur volleyball. However, this is forbidden in professional volleyball.

When players want to

After every attack

It's not necessary to rotate

Every time when opponents lose the ball

How much time is given for serving?

After a whistle, the server has 8 seconds

12 sec

8 sec

20 sec

Time for serving is not limited

Beginner at volleyball

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A member of the school team

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Olympic champion

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