Are You Sexist? Take the quiz and find out

Are You Sexist? Take the quiz and find out
Despite the active struggle for gender equality, there's still tons of subtle discrimination. Take this quiz to learn more about sexism and determine if you hold these attitudes.

You have to apologize to a woman. Will you buy flowers?

Of course, all chicks like flowers

It will do without flowers

Yes, any girl will be pleased to have a bunch of flowers as a present

Your friend (loving husband and great dad) says this phrase, "Women are tender and fragile creatures and we, men, should protect them". Do you agree?

There are long-established decencies: open the door in from of a girl, to give up your seat to her on the bus. Are these gallantry or sexism?



In the past, you managed male stuff and now you have only female subordinates. Will you change your approach to work?

Of course, they are women indeed

No, the main thing is a result

Except for details, it's obvious that women have specific needs

Which of these phrases the girl will like more?

You're so sexy!

Wear dress oftener, it looks good on you

You're so funny!

A plump girl sits next to you on the bus. Your reaction?

How do you feel about feminitives?

I try not to use them to save our language

We don't need them, a woman is also an author, not an authoress

I always try to show off with words "authoress", "bloggeress", when it's possible

Do you know such words as abuser, victim-blaming, misogyny?

You're invited to the best female friend's birthday party, and you have to make a toast. What will you wish first?

To love and be beloved

Babies as soon as possible - the clock ticks

A richer husband because today women had a low salary

Final question. How do you think, do the problems described in this quiz exist? Or we just made a mountain out of a molehill?

They do exist, we need to fight for equality

Everything should be done moderately

Come one, women are doing great - men do everything for them

100% sexist

You're a sexist to your fingertips and your behavior provokes a headache and fits of anger in women. You don't listen to the comments from the representatives of the fair sex because you aren't interested at all in what sounds from the kitchen. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are sexists.

50% sexist

You're a true man! You don't bother your head with these new-fashion feministic ideas, but you do respect women and are reliable protection and support for them. Keep sticking to a happy middle. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are sexists.

You aren't a sexist

You can't be called a sexist but at the same time you haven't managed to recognize all the nuances of feminism (and, perhaps, ordinary courtesy). Although you always try to support girls in everything, be careful with your expressions since your passionate compliments can be perceived perversely. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends are sexists.