Does She Like You More than a Friend?

Does She Like You More than a Friend?
Someone else's thought process can be difficult to understand unless they say it to you straight. This quiz will make your life easier, decoding what a smile and compliment may mean!

Describe your relationship

I've known her since we were kids, we have been grown together

We work (study) together, but started to communicate recently

We've met recently but already become good friends

Will she notice if you put on a new shirt?

Yes, of course. And she'll pay a compliment

I think it depends on the mood

Certainly. But then she'll joke that I'm going on a date

Does she text you during the day?

Yes, often

Yes, we text each other for or no reason

Every day differently

Suppose you go to a concert. There's a crowd of people around. How do you think what will she do?

She'll stay closer to me. Perhaps, it's safer

I don't know, it depends on the surroundings

She'll dance somewhere in the crowd, but text me where exactly to calm me down

When you are talking to another girl, what's her reaction?

She looks at this girl. I don't know what she's thinking about

It seems she's angry

She jokes that we'll make a good couple

Do you feel awkward pauses when you talk?

Nah, we don't stop talking at all

I feel, but it seems she doesn't care

Yes, in addition to expressive glances

If you try something new but you aren't good at it, what's her reaction?

We'll laugh together

She'll calm me down and support

She may ignore or help me

What do her friends say about you?

I don't think they're aware of me

They say we could make a good couple

They say our friendship can be envied

Was there a date?

What? Date? No, of course!

We went out together a couple of times

Yes, but it was somewhat weird

How does she behave, when you are talking to her?

It seems she's glad to talk to me but easily switches attention to something else

She listens to me very attentively

She's relaxed and laughs a lot

She's in love!

She does like you, besides, more than just a friend. Don't you notice how she looks at you, smiles and tries to find a talking point when you meet? All these are sure signs of what she feels. Probably, she waits when you understand her hints and take the first step. So, it's time to act! You'll make a great couple! Tell your friends about this quiz. Let them find out the answer to this question too!

This is liking

Her hints actually baffle. First, she flirts and then talks to you like her best friend. It means only one thing - she feels liking and interest but it's still early for falling in love. The best tactic here is to sit on the fence and observe what will happen next. Probably, you could make a beautiful couple. And if no, you'll stay good friends! Tell your friends about this quiz. Let them find out the answer to this question too!

Friednship and nothing else

There's nothing in your relationship that could indicate crush or even liking. Even if you are in touch every day, share secrets and chat 24 hours a day, it doesn't mean that you can be a couple. You're good together, but only as two good close friends. Don't think about anything more, just be happy that you have such a strong friendship! Tell your friends about this quiz. Let them find out the answer to this question too!