Quiz: How Well Do You Know History Of Cooking?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know History Of Cooking?
Food plays an important role in our lives and culture. Take this quiz on the evolution of cooking. Bon Appétit and let's go!

What does the word "spaghetti" mean in Italian?

Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical pasta made of dry yeast dough. It's a classic Italian dish.




Which cuisine does a famous chef Jamie Oliver specialize in?

Jamie Oliver is a British chef that adores the Italian cuisine.





On which special occasion do people eat Çäkçäk?

Çäkçäk is a world known dessert which is popular in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Traditionally, it's served instead of a wedding cake.

Birth of a child


New Year

What is "roux" in cooking?

Made of flour and melted butter, roux is a basic ingredient of French sauces.


Meat cooking method

Mix of butter and flour

Is it true that the dish "chicken tabaka" got its name from tobacco leaves which were used to cook it?

Chicken tabaka is a distorted pronuncuation of a traditional Georgian dish.



The name of which salad literally means "vinegar"?

The name "vinegret", which is a classic French salad, comes from the word "vinaigre."




To whom does the American tradition to cook turkey on Thanksgiving Day owe its popularity?

In 1621, when the harvest was poor, the English colonists only had 4 turkeys for Thanksgiving. Since then, turkey has become a traditional Thanksgiving dish.

From the Indians

From the English colonists

From the Mexicans

Which country invented French fries?

It's not that easy! French fries were invented by a Belgium fishermen who cooked potatoes in small pieces, like fish.





Which condiment was given to guests in Ancient Rome as a symbol of friendship?

In Ancient Rome, salt had a great value and was used as money. Also, it was a symbol for trust and friendship.



Laurel leaf

Is it true that croissants have to do with the saving of Viennese people when the city was sieged by the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century?

Bakers, who were making bread and cakes at night, noticed the approaching turks. Vienna fought off the attack. To celebrate the event, the Viennese bakers invented croissants to mock the crescent moon, a symbol of Islam.



A crepe symbolizes a celestial body. Which one?

Round and yellow, crepes look like the Sun.

The Sun

The Moon

The Earth

Which composer invented a dish?

Rossini was not only a talented composer, but also a true gourmand.

G. Verdi

G. Rossini

W.A. Mozart

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