Which element would you bend in Avatar?

Which element would you bend in Avatar?
Everyone combines all four elements, water, fire, air, earth. But which of them are you best at? Frankly speaking, only you know what is your element but it's still possible to define your aptitudes, observing external and internal signs and character. Take our quiz to understand what school of elemental magic fits you best!

Suppose you can choose a superpower for you. What do you want to learn?

Healing people


Metal bending

Electricity generation

What season do you like most?

Choose a group your Zodiac sign belongs to

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If someone freaks you out, you…

Show coldness

Demonstrate stubbornness

I quickly get steamed up

I feel down and take offense

Which of these wouldn't be out of place?





What color range does fit you best?

No one is perfect. What is your weakness?

Excessive impulsivity

Too high sensitivity

I don't like changes

I quickly change my mood

What competition will you surely win?



Speed run


What you need to build a relationship?





How do you usually overcome stress?


I try to distract

I let off steam and it passes

I'm at loss but then I pull together


Air nomads learn this magical art. The magic of air is the most flexible and free one from element magic and lacks a powerful protecting or attacking potential, but it's the most dynamical in terms of doing passes. The latter allows airbenders to oppose the magicians of other elements with a striking speed and dexterity, thus tiring the opponent out. Among their weapons are also powerful blasts of wind, which can repel the attack and direct it to the enemy. And which benders are your friends? Share this quiz with them, let's check!


The chosen ones from the Water Tribe master this magical art. The water magic is not only universal but unique because the Water Tribe learned the first magical passes from the Moon. While the victory in a magical battle usually depends on the bender's skill level and abilities, the water magic differs from other magical arts since the presence of water at the place of fighting affects its power. Healing is a subskill of water magic. The strong waterbenders can also control plants by means of water they contain. The strongest and most talented waterbenders can manage blood in a living body bringing it under their control. And which benders are your friends? Share this quiz with them, let's check!


This magical art is learned in the Earth Kingdom. The earth magic requires a special connection to the Earth, which can be achieved only when you have internal calm. Accordingly, an earthbender can wait for a long time for a moment when he can deliver a blow. An earthbender being in a special frame of mind and staying on a firm surface can absorb or pick up attacks until the enemy's power dries out. Like water magic, earth magic is equally effective when attacking and defending. And which benders are your friends? Share this quiz with them, let's check!


The Fire Nation uses this magic of elements. It is the most aggressive one among magical arts. As distinct from others, fire magic doesn't depend on a certain source and can use the person's internal energy. However, the firebenders' magic also depends on the Sun and other cosmic bodies, for example, comets. A firebender should have a strong emotional motivation to create fire. Accordingly, such human's emotions as anger, hate, wrath - obviously, some of the strongest human's emotions - give the fire magic a special power. And which benders are your friends? Share this quiz with them, let's check!