Should I Become a Psychologist?

Should I Become a Psychologist?
People become professional psychologists for different reasons, but reading books is not enough, you have to feel the vocation in your heart. Sometimes even the lack of special education doesn't stop us from understanding others, being able to listen to and help everybody who needs it, giving a confidence boost to our close ones and friends. The ability to "read" people is quite a valuable skill. Take this test and find out whether you fit in this complex profession or not.

You need to make an important decision. First you'll...

ask for someone's advice

rely on intuition

carefully analyze all pro and contra

toss a coin

sit for a while in silence and properly consider everything

You're selecting music for a friends' meeting. The coolest is...


Jazz or blues



Somethign calm, for example, soul

Choose a movie you want to rewatch:


The Shining

James Bond

Forrest Gump

Some like it hot

The best option of a romantic night for you is...

A forest, fire and starry sky

My room, no guests and silence

A cozy home get-together and long talks

A fireplace, wine and soft music

Wandering around the city center

Someone sends you a friend request on social media and starts chatting, your reaction?

Great! You can meet cool people on social media!

If it’s a complete stranger, I won’t answer. If we met before, I may chat

If he needs something from me I won’t answer

I prefer to meet people in life

It’s hard to say what he wants because social media is only a mask

Weekend at last! How will you spend it?

In a group of merry and noisy friends

At home with my family in cozy surroundings

At home, alone with with myself and my thoughts

As I want at this moment

I'' meet with a friend, we'll sit and talk

Do you like to give advice?

No, that's not my business

Yes and always on business

Sometimes, by the way, I give some sound advice

If only a close one asks for

Me? I want a piece of advice myself

It's vacation soon. How do you prepare?

I'll check the weather forecast right before the trip

It's time to plan everything and prepare

I'll manage on the road

I take things that I take usually

I'll start to pack things bit by bit

Which of your qualities do your friends appreciate most?



Ability to sympathize


The depth of estimations

What is the most important thing in work for you?

I take enjoyment in the process itself

How much will I earn?

Result. It motivates

Load and remuneration

Just to make away with it, that's all

You go to the shop and choose jeans. Your action plan?

I'll grab the first one, which will fall from the shelf

Ask for friends' advice

I'll try a couple and take those that fit me best

I'll check all options and compare prices

I'll take the most fashionable

Before going to bed you...

Replaying in my head all things happened today

Read a good book and sip tea

Spend a few minutes with close ones

Thank the Universe for this day

Never think about it

Choose a color



Light blue



How can I make an appointment?

It seems the profession of psychology was created especially for you. Admit it, you have a degree in psychology? You are so good at all these addictions, defense mechanisms and instincts that even Freud could applaud you. Be quick to tell your friends and people you know about your talent. They probably need your help. You really understand all mental troubles and problems, easily find comfortable words and always try to support and reassure everybody you meet. However, sometimes it may become a problem since you take others' problems to heart and experience their emotions for them. Try to take a rest from it sometimes and be an egoist a little bit!  

You're a good psychologist

You often help your friends and close ones, support them with advice and listen to all possible problems and joys. However, your wish to help rarely steps over the bounds of the friend or family circle since you aren't so good at feeling and understanding strange people. You're interested in their life, but not enough to experience their emotions and aim to take the hit with the utmost effort. Besides, you confuse complicate psychological terms and notions, which puts your psychology at the earthy, but not professional level. Tell your friends about your result, they'd probably want to have a heart to heart talk with you. 


You're a good psychologist if only there was a prelude before the talk consisting of a couple of bottles of wine - in this case, one may hope for your advice or support. Usually, one can hardly get your understanding and sympathy, even they are necessary to your closest friends. It's better to stay quiet at all about special terms and concepts since you don't know your way around. How can one tell what does differ an individual from individuality?! On the plus side, you are rarely nervous and always stay calm. Way to go!

You're not a psychologist at all

Psychologist's job is obviously not for you. Nature created you for exact sciences and not just for heart to heart talks and unclear diagnoses. In your opinion, psychology can be called science with great reserve and there's no medicine here. You - together with your independence - believe that everybody can and should manage his problems on his own, many of which are just made up and not real at all. Following this attitude to life, your nerve cells are safe and your personal state of mind is as stable as it can be. Share this result with your friends - they can only envy you!  

It is you who need a psychologist!

What sort of psychologist would you make?! You're a bundle of nerves, heavy thoughts and troubles. You cannot solve others' problems when there are so many of them in your had that you may think about professional help. Try to store up bad feelings less and work on your openness. Talk to your friends, tell them about things, which worry and disturb you. Probably, someone could support you and give some sound advice. Start right now - share your result and find your personal assistant for mental business.