Can You Answer These 30 Questions About the Cold War?

Can You Answer These 30 Questions About the Cold War?
How are your history studies going? You may not be interested in reading about Ancient Greece or the Middle Ages, but it is important to know about recent events. Like the Cold War! Take our quiz to test your knowledge and learn new facts.

HUAC, which investigated suspected communists in the 1950s, was an American committee containing members of which body?


US House of Representatives

White House

State Department

What is "Star Wars"?

A program involving a defensive shield above the Earth's atmosphere to protect the US from a nuclear missile attack

An attempt to establish a communist regime in outer space

A program whereby missile bases are placed on satellites in outer space so they can be fired at any target

The race between the US and the Soviet Union to put a man on the moon

Who was the first US President to visit Moscow?





North Korea and South Korea are divided by which line?

25th Parallel

17th Parallel

38th Parallel

28th Parallel

MAD was a principle that placed emphasis on the disastrous nature of employing nuclear weaponry. What does MAD stand for?

Massive Atomic Disaster

Mutually Assured Destruction

Madness Attack Dose

More Atomic Devices

In November 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected US president after a narrow election victory over whom?

Richard Nixon

Lyndon Johnson

Adlai Stevenson

Dwight Eisenhower

Which of these is "a political ideology and system that strives for a society with no classes or structures of government"?





n which European city did John F. Kennedy meet Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in July 1961?





In which year did the Chinese Communist Party seize control of China, declaring the country a socialist People's Republic?





What was significant about the man-made satellite Sputnik II, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957?

It carried a nuclear charge

It carried a living dog

It carried surveillance equipment

It carried a man

What was the Soviet Union's "Committee for State Security" better known as during the Cold War?

the OGPU

the KGB

the NKVD

the NKGB

Which of the following countries was not a foundation member of NATO in 1949?





What was the name of the checkpoint between East and West Berlin where the US and Soviet forces faced each other in a tense standoff in October 1961 before both sides withdrew?

Checkpoint Alpha

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Tango

Checkpoint Kilo

What type of aircraft was the Badger?

A British propeller-driven fighter

An American jet fighter

A Soviet propeller-driven bomber

A Soviet jet bomber

The Soviet Union signed which military pact with the Eastern European nations?

Moscow Pact

Communist Pact

Prague Pact

Warsaw Pact

In 1959, Project Horizon was developed by the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency to create a military base where none had existed before. Where did they plan on putting it?

Normal orbit around the Earth

Geostationary orbit above the Soviet Union


The Moon

The French withdrew from Vietnam after suffering an embarrassing defeat in which 1954 battle?

Dien Bien Phu

Red River

Ia Drang

Khe Sanh

In which year did the Soviet Union detonate its first nuclear weapon, dubbed "Joe-1"?





When was the Berlin Wall built?





Who was the leader of North Korea at the time of the Korean War?


Kim Il-Sung

General Giap

Ho Chi Minh

Which Hungarian Prime Minister demanded that Hungary become a neutral nation, leading to the suppression of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising?

Imre Nagy

Matyas Rakosi

Lech Walesa

Janos Kadar

During which conference did Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt first agree to divide Germany into occupation zones?

Yalta, 1945

Tehran, 1943

Potsdam, 1945

Geneva, 1950

When was the Soviet Union officially dissolved?





In 1957 Canada and the US established a joint military group. What was it called?





For much of the Cold War, the US' principal strategic nuclear and conventional weapons platform was the mighty Boeing B-52. How was this aircraft also known?





Which resolution gave the US President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to use military force in Southeast Asia without a formal declaration of war?

The Yellow Sea Resolution

The Nixon-Kissinger Resolution

The South China Sea Resolution

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution

In late 1962, an American spy aircraft discovered that Soviet nuclear missile installations were being built in the US' "backyard". Where was that?

San Cristobal, Cuba

Kingston, Jamaica

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In 1969, President Richard M. Nixon initiated a series of talks to slow down the dangerous nuclear arms race. How were these talks called?

The Geneva Accords

The STALK talks

The SALT talks

The START talks

During the Berlin Blockade in 1948-49, the city of Berlin was blocked by the Soviet forces. How were the French, American and British sectors of the city supplied?

They received no supplies

By river

By the Soviet forces

By air

Who coined the phrase "The Iron Curtain"?

Joseph Stalin

Clement Attlee

President Eisenhower

Winston Churchill

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