Could You Actually Be A Serial Killer?

Could You Actually Be A Serial Killer?

What's your attitude to a crime such as murder? A forced necessity, struggle for survival, or something that can be done only in an emotional state? "Can I commit a crime?" is a difficult question. Consider your motives and answer these questions honestly to learn more about yourself!

What do you think about capital punishment?

It's necessary, but only for very grave crimes

It’s definitely necessary. Otherwise, it’s impossible to build a normal society

Never! This way we only multiply cruelty

Well, I don’t know. Maybe, we can come to terms somehow, deal with the problem peacefully?

What is waiting for us after death?

The soul will continue to live

Strict but fair judgement is waiting for us

It's eyewash. There will be nothing .

I don't know about you, but I want my soul to transmigrate into a rabbit

Try to describe your dreams:

I'm stepping on people's toes to achieve my dream!

I often run away from someone in my dreams

I do not remember my dreams.

I’m walking across a camomile field, picking flowers and singing songs

You are walking along the road, when a passer-by falls ill. What do you do?

I'll help if there's no danger

I won't notice - I'm doing my own thing.

I’ll come to him, ask what’s wrong. I’ll try to help

No, I won’t come to him. No good deed goes unpunished

Confess what your main drawback is:

Excessive kindness.

I'm a very inattentive person

I rarely think about other people's feelings

I put my comfort first

Can you lie to your friend?

It has happened a couple of times, but only as a last resort.

If I need to, I can

Not at any price!

Lie? No. Probably, I’ll forget something or keep it to myself

A ... in court is better than a penny in purse.

Friend you can borrow from


A little more, because you'll lose half

Ten times by penny

Imagine a humanitarian crisis has occurred. You’re starving but there’s still food in stores. But you have no money. You…

Steal, of course! All is fair in love and war

I'll starve like everybody else.

I’ll go to bed, maybe, hunger will pass

If it’s really bad, I’ll grab something in a store

How would your friends describe you?

I am commitment itself

I like it when everything is comfortable and stable

I always help other people

I always screw up

You find the Golden Fish. What wish do you make?

Dreams coming true

World peace

More good luck

I have a dream (personal one)… let it come true.

Choose a movie for a Friday night:

Léon: The Professional

Midnight in Paris

Home Alone

James Bond

What's the most important thing in the life?

Family, kids, a snug apartment

Career, personal advancement, self-development

I don't know, I don't think about it

To have everythng around conveniently.

For your own safety's sake

You have a certain share of cruelty, which is combined with great caution and attention. Conscience and logic always guide your actions. You can commit a murder but only in case of self-defense to protect yourself in an emergency situation.

You would do anything

You're a really ruthless person. The doubts of conscience rarely bother you and you can do almost anything to turn your desires into reality. It happens that personal motives and profit become a priority outweighing the other people's well-being. That's why you can commit murder in a critical situation.  

You can't say boo to a goose

You can be named a cruel person on no account. Besides, cruelty to others makes you feel pity and sympathize. Your attitude to life is defined by decency, humane principles, conscience, and all other kind words. You can't commit a murder for sure.

It's because of your inattention

In your case everything is simple - you cannot commit a murder. Cruelty and violence set your teeth on edge and you'll never do it of your own free will. The problem is you are a very absent-minded and inattentive person. That's why everything can happen in your life, even a crime, but, probably, by recklessness.