FREE Internet Addiction Test - 2-Min Self-Assessment

FREE Internet Addiction Test - 2-Min Self-Assessment
6% of people around the world are Internet-addicted, according to the University of Hong Kong. According to UN data, only 2% of people have a gambling addiction and about 3-6% of people take illegal substances. Find out if you have the signs of internet addiction here!

What will be your reaction when a new message notification pops up on your phone?



How often do you use the Internet in the morning and before going to bed?

Very often




Do you use the Internet when you spend time with your friends?

Very often




Can you refrain from using the Internet for one week?

No problems

I doubt it

Are you kidding? This is impossible

You've just made a selfie. What will you do next?

Turn the phone off

Start thinking about hashtags

Share the photo on the Internet

Send the photo to your friends

You forgot to pay the Internet and have been offline for a whole 15 minutes. Your reaction?

You're panic-stricken

You're completely calm

How do you prefer to talk to your close ones?

In person

Via the Internet

Do you often get distracted with social media at work?

Very often




What do you think how would your life be like without the Internet?

Like a holiday

Like the end of the world

What will you do if a waitress refuses to tell you Wi-Fi password in a cafe?

I'll start a mass fight

You'll surprise, but take a hold on yourself

How much time do you spend on the Internet everyday?

more than 5 hours

about 3 hours

about 1 hour

several minutes

Your friend asks you to share your precious Internet connection. Your reaction?

I'll declare war

I'll run away

Of course, you'll do it

Unfortunately, you have small Internet addiction.

Don't worry, there are several ways, which can help you to get rid of it. Try to limit time on the computer. Don't turn in on unless necessary.Rather than using social media and messengers, you can call a person or meet face to face.Find a new passion not related to the Internet. For example, join a sport club or dances.Make a list of reasons why you'll become happier without the Internet.Go out and pass time outside in a park instead of being on the Internet.  The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.Andrew Brown

You have no Internet addiction

Well done! Despite the fact that the World-Wide Web became an integral element of human life and communication, you keep the balance between the real and virtual world. Internet addiction bypassed you. You're just a superhero =)