How much are you enjoying life?

How much are you enjoying life?
Today's world is so busy and chaotic that many people don't even have time to stop and take a breath. We bet you know what we're talking about! Do you know how to enjoy simple things such as good weather, a nice conversation, or a hot cup of tea? Do you agree that happiness lies in small things? Take this quiz to find out!

A friend invited you to a party.

Wow! It'll be fun!

Great. But I have nothing to wear

No, thanks

Would you like to travel around the world?

Yes, I even have it all planned out!

Yes. But I need to prepare everything and save some money

I'll never be able to afford that

When I'm in a bad mood...

I try to entertain myself

I know that it'll pass

I start to remember all my failures

Do you feel depressed when you think about getting old?

No. Any age has its beautiful sides

I'm too young to think about it

Yes, it's very depressing

What will you do if you put on a few kilos?

It's alright. I'll still be in a good shape.

I'll start a diet

I'll get depressed and start eating even more

When comparing myself to others...

I feel proud of myself and my accomplishments

I think I'm just like anyone else, not better and not worse

I realize that I'm a failure

Do you feel guilt often?


Only when I'm really the one to blame


Do you have a favorite song?

More than one. I like to hum songs to myself.

Yes. I listen to it in a car.

No. It depends on how I feel.

In life, you need to learn to...

Experience vivid emotions

Take life as it is

Cope with problems

Do you follow the news?

No. I don't want it to spoil my mood.

I read the latest news from different sources and try to take it calmly

Yes. But it seems like nothing good is happening.

Which of these gifts would you like to get?

Pre-paid yoga classes

Gift certificate from my favorite shop


The weather forecast says that it's going to rain on the weekend.

Great! I'll finally catch up on "Fargo" episodes

Well, I might go to the gym then

Damn it! Why is it always sunny when I'm in the office and weekends are rainy?!

You won a fortune in a lottery. What will you do with the money?

I'll go on a trip with my friends

I'll buy a new house and car. I'll give the rest of the money to charity.

I'll deposit the money to the bank to live off the interest

You're a true hedonist

You don't need much to be happy, and that's fantastic! You take pleasure in everything that is happening to you. You enjoy spending time with your friends and family, taking long walks, even cleaning the house! It seems that you've mastered the art of enjoying your everyday life without comparing it to the lifes of others. It's a very rare quality, so you should be proud of yourself.

You should allow yourself to be happy more often

There are good days and there are bad days. This is how life is. You try to focus on the beautiful side of your work and personal relationships but sometimes this approch simply doesn't work. It's alright. It can happen to anyone. The main thing is that you don't give up. Although the world is not always kind to you, you still love your life, and that's wonderful. 

You don't seem to know what pleasure is

Be honest and admit it: instead of enjoying your life, you keep complaining about it. Maybe you had a hard time as a kid? Or maybe you're subconsciously following the example of other people who can only talk about their problems? You should change this. Don't be fixated on your problems. Remember that you won't live forever, so learn to count your blessings.