What Dessert Matches Your Personality?

Lada Khramova
What Dessert Matches Your Personality?
Have you had the feeling where you want to eat something sweet, but don't know what? What about a dessert that fits your personality? Take this test to find out which sweet treat you would be!

How can your close friends describe you in 1 word?





In your opinion, what do people need for happiness?

Kindness and commitment


They need to take life easy

Knowledge to make proper decisions

What's your biggest fear?

A treachery of close friends

Loss of independence

Loss of health

Simplicity and boredom

Your new job has busy schedule and strict rules. What would you say?

How do you behave in stressful situations?

Ask my friends to help

Try to hide from them and wait

Humor is my best friend in every situation

Do what I think is right

How often do you spend time with friends?

If you were rating these things, what would be the most important?

Family and friends

Me and my interests

My physical and emotional health


In your opinion, what might cause conflicts with your friends?

I'm way too demanding

I don't pay enough attention to them. There's just not enough time

I'm not that funny and spontaneous

It almost never happens

What's your typical breakfast?

Something mouthwatering

Something simple and healthy

Sweet stuff. Candies or cookies

Strong coffee without sugar

Can you tell that you're eating healthy food?

Yummy cupcake

Your ideal match is a cupcake, a small cake with yummy fillings. It looks simply delicious! You also know how to attract attention using your appearance. You're a fashion lover, able to win any person from the first sight and enchant them with your charm! What dessert would fit your friends? Share this test to find out!

Healthy sorbet

Your ideal match is sorbet, a healthy ice-cream made of fruits. You keep track of your health, do sports and prefer healthy diet. Healthy lifestyle gives you energy for solving complicated tasks. This is the reason why you strictly follow the rules and never overindulge. What dessert would fit your friends? Share this test to find out!

Chocolate cookie

Your ideal match is a chocolate cookie, a dessert that everyone likes. You are hard to resist, because you can find an approach to anyone. Your sociability and open-mindedness are inspiring others, and your charm doesn't leave anyone indifferent. What dessert would fit your friends? Share this test to find out!

Dark chocolate

Your ideal match is dark chocolate, a sweet treat for true gourmets and exquisite taste. You demand a lot from yourself and the others; people find it hard to please you and get you to like them. If a person succeeds in it, he knows that you will value him and his attention. What dessert would fit your friends? Share this test to find out!