What Emotion Are You Hiding?

What Emotion Are You Hiding?
Our life is full of emotions. We're happy when we meet our friends, scared when watching a horror movie, relaxed when taking a bath, and anxious on the night before an exam. Emotions are everywhere! Scientists have even discovered "emotional intelligence," which is the ability to read other people's emotions and adjust emotions in response to environments. What about you? Can you express and manage your emotions? Take this test to find out!

What's the possibility of you bursting into tears in front of strangers?

10/10. If I need to have a cry, I'll do it anyway.

5/10. Only if something really serious happens.

0/10. Never! I'd rather eat a living spider!

When listening to music, ..

I sing along and dance

I hum the songs I know well

I do nothing, just listen

When do you open your New Year's presents?

Once I get them

At 12 pm

When I'm alone

What do you think about people crying when watching a movie or reading a book?

It's alright. This is what art is for.

This happens to me from time to time

It's silly. How can you emphasize with fictional characters?

Do you lose your temper easily?

Yes, I lose my composure easily.

Depends on the situation.

No. I try to keep myself together.

You approach a pedestrian crossing, and the light flashes yellow.

I'll start crossing the street

I'll wait a little and cross the street at the green light

I'll cross the street at the green light after making sure the street is safe

Do you let people console you?

Of course. Sharing your problems with other people is always a relief.

Only close friends or family

Never. I solve my problems on my own.

I am a complicated person and I often argue with people.

Yes, it's true

Only if the argument concerns something really important

No. I don't like to argue with people.

Do you like hugs?

Yes, when I greet and say goodbye to people

Yes, but only with family and friends

No. I prefer to shake hands.

On the day of an important oral exam...

I'm the first to answer to get it over with

If I'm prepared, I'm be among the first to answer; if no, I'm the last

I'm very nervous

Do you blush when people compliment you?

Yes, all the time

Depends on the compliment

No, never

You're in love.

Everyone must know about it!

I'll only share with my closest friends.

I'll tell no one.

Clothing of what colors do your prefer?

Bright, vivid, screaming colors (red, yellow, orange)

I prefer dark colors (black, brown, grey)

I don't have any color preferences. Each color is good in its own right.

A close friend or family member said a hurtful thing to you.

I'll start to argue right away

I'll calm down first and then try to find out what's wrong

I won't say a word. I don't want to spoil our relationship.

You're very emotional

You're a charming and charismatic person. You like big companies and make new friends easily. However, sometimes you have trouble containing your emotions, and this can be a problem for other people. While expressing your feelings is very important, you need to stay polite. Otherwise, you risk spoiling relationships with people you love. Please think about it.  Share this test on social media! Let's see how your friends will answer these questions!

You're emotional, but only with people you trust

Congrats! You hit the golden mean between showing your emotions freely and behaving in a socially acceptable way. You have the rare ability of reaching a compromise and resolving conflicts. Your family, friends, and colleages are sure to value this quality of yours. When it comes to handling your emotions, you set a great example for others. You're doing great! Share this test on social media! Let's see how your friends will answer these questions!

You're not very good at showing your feelings

You tend to hide your emotions, which can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. While you're flawlessly polite with others, you may have a pay a high price for your self-restraint. Relax. Try to be more open and sincere. There surely are people you can trust! Don't be afraid to talk about your worries and problems with others. Remember that you're not alone.  Share this test on social media! Let's see how your friends will answer these questions!