The Ultimate First Aid Quiz

The Ultimate First Aid Quiz
Paramedical first aid refers to simple actions that are necessary to save the life and health of the injured. Sometimes failure to render assistance can turn into serious complications for a patient afterward. Could you save a life? Take the quiz and find out.

What should you do in case of an open fracture?

First, you stop the bleeding and then call an ambulance.

Stop the bleeding

Clean the wound with the water

Immobilize the injured limb

A person has fallen unconscious. Your actions:

You need to raise the injured's legs higher, to loosen the belt and the collar. If the person doesn't regain conscience in 10 minutes, call an ambulance.

Inject water drops into the mouth

Put the person on a flat surface and raise his/her legs

Give the person mouth-to-mouth.

Do you need to apply a tourniquet if a snake has bitten you?

In case of a snake bite, you need to locate the injured in such a way so that the bite's spot will be higher than the heart, to wipe the skin next to the bite to remove the poison around the wound, to abundantly water the patient.

If a person has a heart attack, what should you give her?

Before arriving of an ambulance, you need to give a pill of nitroglycerine. Other people's heart drugs, caffeine and alcohol are forbidden.




What can be applied to a minor burn?

In case of minor burns, you can use Panthenol or antiseptic.





Do you need to get your stomack pumped in case of poisoning?

Before the arrival of doctors, you need to give a poisoned person 2 liters of water and induce vomiting.

What do you need to do in case of suspected stroke before the arrival of doctors?

If a person has a stroke, you need to settle him on his back or side, to elevate his head and provide fresh airflow.

Elevate the patient's head by 30 degrees above the body's level

Cover the patients with a blanket


If a patient has a cold injury, should you rub the injured place with snow?

Rubbing with snow is forbidden since it can result in microfractures. You need to put the person in a warm place, apply a heat-sealing dressing, give a warm drink.

Is a tourniquetе applied above or below the wound?

A tourniquetе is applied above the wound.



If a person has swallowed the wrong way, what should you do?

Heimlich manoeuvre helps to free the airways.

To give a drink to wash it down

Place your arms around his waist and push on the patient's stomach.

If a bee bites someone, what to do?

It's necessary to remove the sting, aseptisize the wound and take an antihistamine

To apply a ribwort

To rub down the bitten limb

To remove the sting carefully and aseptize the wound

How to distinguish brain concussion?

After hitting the head, you need to seek a doctor's help immediately.

After hitting, the patient is thirsty

After hitting there's a feleing of sickness

After hitting, eyes are hurt

What can you use to treat the area of the wound itself?

The wound itself is treated with hyperoxide, and the skin around - with iodine or brilliant green.

Brilliant green


Hydric dioxide

What should you do first in case of a closed fracture?

In case of a closed fracture, you need to immobilize the limb and take the person to an injury care center.

I'll immobilize the injured limb

I'll apply a tourniquet

I'll apply an anti-inflammatory ointment

Which is the minimum temperature of an adult to take an antipyretic?

You can give an antipyretic when the body temperature rises to 38,5 and higher

38, 5



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