How Long Would You Survive in the Wilderness?

How Long Would You Survive in the Wilderness?
Forest, silence, and nature are calling with their splendor. We all seek to get out of the urban bustle and take a break outdoors. But not everyone has the necessary pool of knowledge to survive in the woods in an unforeseen situation. Can you do it? Let's check it!

You're lost in the woods. What decision would be the best one?

I'll determine the sides of the world and choose a direction I'll move towards

I'll stay still

I'll go back where I came from

Let's determine the sides of the world by moss. What side of trees does it grow on?





A wolf tries to attack you. What to do to survive?

To take a stick and loudly hit it against a tree. It’ll scare the animal away

To butter the wolf up with food and while it's eating - run for your life

To try to kick it in the lower jaw and if it tries to bite - to put your fist in its throat

Would you eat this berry?

You have to spend the night in the woods. What place for overnight would you choose?

At a fallen tree

By the water

In an empty lair

Will you cover yourself with something while sleeping?

No, it would be harder for rescuers to notice me

Yes, with my clothes

Yes. Leaves, branches - everything that could warm me

You notice the tick - a tiny spider stuck to your skin - on your arm. How would you get rid of the parasite?

I'll pour the oil over and wait until it leaves

I'll just smash it

I'll pull it out with my fingers

Would you drink from a forest brook?

Which of these mushrooms you can safely eat?

The easiest method of water purification?


Chemical treating


Answer on a scale from 1 to 10: how quiet you should be in the forest? (1 - very quiet, 10 - very loud)

You're forest Robinson Crusoe!

Even the most overgrown path in the woods looks like a road sign-spangled highway for you. You see clues in every bush, every blow of wind. You are a good companion to go to the woods with. In case of emergency, you're able to save not only yourself but others. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You're ready-witted and inventive

Your gumption whispers to you, "In any unclear situation you need to google". You unquestionably follow the call of your inner voice but become completely helpless when your smartphone battery is dead. Hedge your bets and take a couple of power banks going into the woods - it'll comfort everyone. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You won't survive in the woods

No-no, you shouldn't go into the woods! You're kind of a messy eater and don't know your way around at all. Stay where you are and don't move without navigator even in your house. And roll yourself in the bubble wrap just in case. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.