Cooking Knowledge and Skills Test

2019-08-12 15:14:27
Cooking Knowledge and Skills Test
We all like having a nice meal, but not everyone knows how to cook and likes cooking. And what about you? Do you struggle with pasta or can easily make a three-course meal? Take the test and find out :)

Do you know what water you should put the pasta in?

Boiling, of course

You can put it right in the cold water

I forget it all the time, I need to google

What dough the pizza is made of?



Puff pastry

You're asked to cook borsch. What will you start with?

I'll fry meat with onion

I'll put water in a saucepan over heat and bring it to a boil.

I'll cut cabbage

Fried potatoes - what can be easier? And when you need to salt it?

In the beginning

In the end

You shouldn't salt it

What is quinoa?

A fruit

Whole grains

A tree in North America

Guests are coming. What to cook?

I'll quickly cut a couple of salads

I'll order food delivery. Everyone likes pizza

I'll put chicken with vegetables in the oven and while it's baking I'll make a salad and mini sandwiches

You're going to the housewarming party, the owners ask you to bring a dessert. You…

Buy the first cake I see at the store

Quickly make a cake of ready-made pie shells

You are happy to have a chance to try a long saved recipe and cook cupcakes or muffins

You common breakfast is


Coffee or nothing

Pancakes or omelet

How much do you like cooking?

Kuzya from Univer series

Pelmeni with mayoketchup and pasta are your common diet. Maybe, it's time to learn something new? :) P.S. Make sure to share the test with your friends. Who knows, maybe there's a true chef you can ask to dinner with?


Hagrid has a thing for cooking but not every time you can eat his cookery without trembling for your life :) However, one of his pies was pretty good. You're the same: make mistakes but fix them and every time cook even better. Keep it up! Share the test with your friends and check their level of cooking training :)

Monica Geller

You are as cool at the kitchen as Monica from Friends! There's nothing you cannot cook. Culinary is your cup of tea, which brings your genuine pleasure. P.S. Make sure to share the test with your friends. Who knows, maybe there's an equal pro among them?